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About participation of the IAC delegation in ICAO 39th Assembly

The Interstate Aviation Committee delegation headed by the IAC Chairperson T. Anodina started its work at ICAO 39th Assembly which will last from September 27 to October 7.

The ICAO Assembly is the most representative body of the Organisation and convened by the Council at least every three years in order to discuss and take decisions on the most important objectives to be faced by the global civil aviation.

The issues related to flight safety, policy change in aviation security, continuous monitoring mechanism results within the framework of Universal Audit Programme, environmental protection, training for civil aviation specialists, enhanced collaboration and others will be discussed during 39th Assembly.

The Assembly will consider the Council reports for 2013-2015 period and hold elections of the Council members. It will be invited to expand the Council from 36 to 40 states.   

The Assembly work will consist of plenary meetings and Coordinating Committee meetings, Administrative, Technical, Economic and Legal commissions.

The Interstate Aviation Committee will present 7 working papers with initiatives in the field of flight safety and accident investigation, training for aviation specialists, aviation medicine, airports certification, satellite air navigation. 

Further business meetings with the ICAO management, international organisations managers and heads of the ICAO member-states delegations are planned during visit of the IAC Chairperson to the ICAO headquarters in Montreal.

It is possible to monitor the Assembly work at the Assembly webpage of the ICAO website: http://www.icao.int/Meetings/a39/Pages/RU/default_RU.asp