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About participation of the IAC delegation in ICAO 39th Assembly

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The Interstate Aviation Committee delegation continues its work at the ICAO 39th Assembly.

Official meetings of the ICAO Chairperson with the ICAO Secretary General - Fan Liu and the director of Technical Cooperation Bureau Ivan Galan were held within the framework of the Assembly work.

The IAC Chairperson participated in the ICAO 41st Edward Warner awards ceremony. 

The prominent Australian inventor David Warner developed and realized flight recorder prototype model (FDR and CVR) in 1950s and who devoted all his life to flight safety and passed away at 85 years in 2010 became the laureate of 41st award. This award was received by two sons and daughter of David Warner. Edward Warner prize consists of personalized gold medal and certificate with the award statement. It has been recognized worldwide as the only highest prize which can be honoured to receive by international civil aviation community and its importance is highlighted by the fact that it is awarded by ICAO on behalf of the member-states. None of the other international awards is widely acknowledged. 

In 1997 Tatiana Anodina was awarded with the Edward Warner Award as a world-known scientist and research worker for prominent contribution to the development of national, regional and air navigation facilities for civil aviation at international level.