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About participation of the IAC specialists in annual AIR Meeting

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On September 20-22 the IAC laboratory specialists participated in annual Accident Investigator Recorder Meeting (AIR Meeting) of IRIG (International Recorder Investigator Group) study group held by accident investigation of bureau of France (BEA) with the participation of specialists of leading accident investigation agencies of such countries as France, Canada, Great Britain, USA, Australia, China, Germany, Taiwan, Brazil and many others. 

The meeting started from practical session held directly on the basis of BEA laboratory. During session all participants of the meeting could familiarize with BEA laboratory base and the most relevant practice of its specialists.  

Within the framework of the meeting the study group participants presented reports on technical laboratories of their organizations and discussed the most relevant experience of accident investigation support in the field of flight data reading and decoding from different recording facilities (such as operational FDR, CVR and video recorders, portable navigation satellite receivers, tablet computers, video cameras, etc.)  

Specialists of the IAC Commission on accident scientific and technical support presented relevant information to participants on equipping of their laboratory, shared their practice of new equipment usage (radiographic inspection installation and new hardware-software systems on data reading from damaged flight recorders) and presented detailed information on heuristic algorithm decoding of damaged portable navigation satellite receivers software newly created in IAC laboratories as well, algorithm of accident video reconstruction, etc. The group participants expressed genuine interest in technologies developed and used in the IAC laboratory.  

This annual meeting contributes to operational interaction of technical laboratories specialists from different countries which in turn contributes to maintaining a high level of accident investigation support.