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About signing of the Agreement on indefinite extension of the ICAO-IAC RER/01/901 (COSCAP-CIS) project

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Signing of the Agreement on indefinite extension of the ICAO-IAC RER/01/901 (COSCAP-CIS) project "Development of flight safety and continued airworthiness" by the IAC Chairperson T. Anodina and the ICAO Director of Technical Cooperation Bureau Ivan Galan was held during the IAC delegation activities at 39th ICAO Assembly in the ICAO headquarters.   

Prolongation and expansion of this important Project activities on provision of the ICAO technical assistance to state-members of the International Agreement is a further acknowledgement of effective implementation of this direction of the IAC activity were the result of successful, effective work that have been carried out for 15 years.

IACO-IAC RER/01/901 project carried out from 2001 and which is so far one of the longest and the most successful COACAP projects in the ICAO technical cooperation Program, with the assistance of partners from ICAO, Airbus Company, Boeing, FAA USA, etc. became the example of successful traditional methods of aviation specialists training in the form of workshops, conferences, symposiums held by IAC and innovative methods, so called "evidence-based training" as well with the involvement of  aviation simulator complexes, aviation equipment, workshops on an air field and on the basis of operated aircraft. 

Developed approaches and initiatives in the field of aviation specialists training within the framework of the Project were highly appreciated by aviation authorities of Member-States of the Interstate Agreement as more effective and cost-effective due to the possibility of involvement of more aviation specialists in training activities. It has been reflected in the resolution of the Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace of 2015.

The project is actively engaged in implementation of the ICAO campaign "No country left behind". Over 100 different activities with participation of about 9000 aviation specialists of the region countries have been carried out during 15 years. 

The intensive development of training programs of aviation specialists, state inspectors in different directions of aviation industry activity including the field of flight safety, airworthiness, aviation security and others based on the ICAO Standards and Recommended practices and regulations (Aviation Regulations) of the Interstate Aviation Committee approved by the Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace is initiated within the framework of signed with the ICAO Project.