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About completion of the ICAO 39th Assembly work

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39th ICAO Assembly has completed its work.

Over 2200 representatives from 185 countries and 56 organisations participated in the Assembly work.

The voting during which the ICAO Council members for the next three-year period were elected was held within the framework of the Assembly work. The Assembly also agreed with proposed expansion of the Council and ICAO Air Navigation Commission and recommended to adopt appropriate amendments to the articles of the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.  

In total the Assembly session considered over 500 working papers on 31th items of the agenda including the program of technical assistance, technical cooperation in the field of security policy, the implementation of continuous monitoring mechanism under the Universal Security Audit Programme (USAP) as regards aviation security, environmental policies, reduce aircraft noise and aircraft engine emissions, the ICAO policy on civil aviation training and capacity-building of aircraft, concerns the implementation of multilingualism in the ICAO and other high-level policy issues.

The Interstate Aviation Committee represented its 7 working papers to be considered by the Assembly with the initiatives in the field of flight safety and accident investigation, aviation training, aviation medicine, certification of aerodromes, air navigation satellite.

The Assembly paid much attention to develop programs of regional cooperation, technical assistance to states including in the framework of the initiative "No country is Left Behind".

The Interstate Aviation Committee in this regard produced the working paper with information about the ICAO-IAC RER 01/901 (COSCAP-CIS) project "Development of flight safety and continued airworthiness in the Commonwealth of Independent States"(COSCAP-CIS) which was launched in 2001 and continuous successfully. The Assembly recognized the important role of technical cooperation and technical assistance in promoting the achievement of the strategic objectives of the Organization and recommended the "Member-states should cooperate to achieve common goals through the implementation of regional and sub-regional projects in the field of technical cooperation.   

In the light of these decisions of the 39th Assembly the signing of the Agreement (Addendum to the Agreement of 2001 between the IAC and ICAO) by the President of the ICAO Council O. Aliu and the IAC Chairperson T. Anodina, as well as the Agreement on the indefinite extension of the activities of the ICAO-IAC RER/01/901 Project (COSCAP-CIS) held during the Assembly is an important step in expanding opportunities for training of qualified personnel, effective implementation of ICAO standards and recommended practices and technical assistance in the country of our region.

The Assembly also held a working meeting of the IAC Chairperson T. Anodina with the heads of delegations of the states of our region and other countries as well as delegations of international organizations.