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About participation of the Interstate Aviation Committee delegation in the 5th meeting of European Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASG-EUR)

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On November 3-4, 2016 the Interstate Aviation Committee delegation participated in 5th meeting of the European Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASG-EUR).

The issues of regional cooperation in various fields of flight safety promotion in European states were discussed. Work results of the ICAO EUR Regional Expert Safety Team (IE-REST) including IE-REST Pilot Training Groups (IE-PTG), IE-REST Runway Safety Group (IE-RSG), IE-REST Flight Data Analysis (IE-FDA), IE-REST Taxonomy and Safety Data Analysis Group (IE-TSG), IE-REST Helicopter Safety Ream (IE-HST) in the field of supervision over flight safety of Air Navigation Services (IE-ANS) and also initiatives in the field of prevention of accidents connected with intact aircraft controlled flight into terrain (CFIT) and loss of control in-flight (LOC-I) were presented.  

The report on flight safety level in European and North-Atlantic regions received delegations approval and adopted for publication was presented at the Meeting for adoption.

The ICAO work results in the field of Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP) implementation, results of the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme Continuous Monitoring Approach (USOAP SMM) activity in the region, preliminary results of the ICAO Assembly 39th Session were also considered at the Meeting.  

Within the framework of the Meeting the reports of organisations participating in Group work were presented. EASA informed the Meeting on its activity areas development, increasing role of regional organisations in the field of aviation equipment and aerodromes certification, licensing, supervisory activities in civil aviation, on development of EU's Eastern Partnership up to 2020 (EaPCA, continuation of TRACECA project) aimed at support of EASA standards implementation in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.  

EUROCONTROL also informed the Meeting participants on development of regional cooperation and new challenges in the field of air navigation safety promotion including in connection with unmanned aircraft use and also in connection with increased cases of Global Positioning Systems failure, in regions close to areas of armed conflicts in particular.

Re-election of RASG-EUR Chairperson and co-chairs was held, proposals on reorganization of the ICAO European region task teams activity aimed at optimizing the use of resources by closer coordination of RSAG-EUR with European Air Navigation Planning Group EANPG were also considered and approved at the Meeting.


Regional Aviation Safety Group (RASG-EUR) was established by the ICAO European/North-Atlantic regional office in 2011 based on resolution А37-4 of the ICAO Assembly 37th Session together with the similar Groups of other ICAO regions. RASG-EUR Group's priority is development of integrated strategy based on flight safety data and aimed at regional implementation of GASP and GASR provisions which is the tool for monitoring on flight safety issues for the ICAO Council. Specialized ICAO European Regional Expert Safety Team (IE-REST) which is intended to support the development and implementation of initiatives and measures on flight safety development in the ICAO European region part which is not covered by EU/EASA regulatory requirements was established in RASG-EUR structure covering all European and North-Atlantic region.

The Interstate Aviation Committee has been the active member of RASG-EUR and IE-REST groups since their establishment participating in work of subgroups and managing ICAO-EUR Taxonomy and Safety Data Analysis Group (IE-TSG). Since 2013 in the IAC regular IE-REST working sessions have been held. Collaboration within the framework of this group work is based on long-term cooperation with the ICAO European/North-Atlantic Office which was appreciated by the ICAO Council President and on the margins of the 39th ICAO Assembly Session allowed to sign the addendum to the Agreement between the ICAO and IAC on enhanced collaboration and the document on the indefinite extension of the ICAO-IAC project in the field of technical cooperation. The Interstate Aviation Committee is a reliable partner of the ICAO in the region on implementation of the initiative "No country left behind". 

Additional information on regional expert safety team work is available on the ICAO European and North-Atlantic Office web-site