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About the IAC proposal in the ICAO Aerodeome Design and Operations Panel (ADOP)

     Currently the ICAO is revising aerodrome reference codes specified in Annex 14 "Aerodromes" to Chicago Convention. Easing the number of significant restrictions which are not compulsory for civil aviation should be the result of this work. 60 m RWY width requirement for aircraft with wing spread more than 65 m (code letter F) is an example of such restrictions. This aircraft group (for example, An-124 and A380) can be operated on RWY with significantly smaller width (45 m). 
      During November 7-11, 2016 the ICAO Aerodrome Design and Operations Panel (ADOP) considered the appropriate amendments to Annex 14 "Aerodromes". Proposal of the Interstate Aviation Committee (see attached translation of ADOP/2-Flimsy No. 2 document placed on the ICAO ADOP web-site considering size reduction of one of the most critical components of aerodromes of code letter F - Obstacle Free Zone (OFZ) is among them.
      The results of considering amendments to Annex 14 by ADOP meeting among which the IAC above-mentioned proposal will be presented in the nearest future in ADOP/2 meeting report.

Attached documents:

ADOP2.pdf (140.79 KB)