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About the meeting of Aerodrome Deesign and Operations Panel (ADOP/2)

The second meeting of Aerodromes Design and Operations Panel (ADOP/2) which comprises Interstate Aviation Committee together with such organisations as IATA, IFALPA, ACI, ICCAIA, EASA, EUROCONTROL was held in the ICAO headquarters in the period of November 4-11, 2016.

The IAC document (ADOP/2-Flimsy No. 2) with proposal on obstacle free zone (OFZ) width reduction up to 149 m for aircraft with wing spread over 65 m landing (see press release from November 25, 2016) was presented at the meeting.

The IAC proposal provided mitigation of negative effect of obstacles located close to RWY: ILS glide slope antenna, aircraft at RWY holding position, meteorological instruments and others on the opportunity of such aircraft on category I, II and II landing.  

The meeting accepted IAC proposal together with other proposals on aerodromes aimed at removal of limitations which are not compulsory for modern civil aviation.

The appropriate amendments will be introduced to requirements of volume 1 of the Annex 14 to the Convention on international civil aviation by ICAO according to the normal procedure.