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About publication of flight safety report in 2016

The Interstate Aviation Committee presents the annual report on aviation safety in civil aviation of the contracting states of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace (Agreement) in 2016.

As for civil aviation there occurred 63 accidents including 28 fatal ones with 74 fatalities of the contracting states of the Agreement in 2016.

As for commercial aviation there occurred 28 accidents including 11 fatal ones with 44 fatalities.

As to general aviation there occurred 35 accidents including 17 fatal ones with 30 fatalities.

Therefore, it should be stated that the year of 2016 has set the appalling record over the past 25 years as for the number of the accidents (63) and the number of the investigations conducted by the IAC so as the upward trend of aviation safety rate in commercial aviation was interrupted. However it should be noted that as in the previous two years no passenger air transport heavy aircraft fatal accidents occurred in 2016.. 

According to the preliminary assessment in 2016 the human factor-caused accidents amounted to about 94 % of their total number.

The same factors that had been previously identified as the erroneous and improper crew's actions at piloting, loss of attitude monitoring in meteorological conditions out of VFR resulting in collision with obstacles at low- altitude flight, controlled flight into terrain, proceeding of flight without taking into account the enroute meteorological conditions, insufficient pilots’ training, the performance of flight in the state of alcoholic intoxication, etc. were again among accidents causes.

As for general aviation the aircraft without certificate or with the expired airworthiness certificate continue to be operated. The monitoring of the continued airworthiness of registered aircraft and flight operations’ legitimacy by the private pilots on the part of civil aviation authorities is inefficient and insufficient as well as in the previous years. The collection of statistical data on number and duration of flights in GA is still not ensured that complicates the flight safety rate assessment in this aviation segment.  

The recommendations to aviation authorities heads of the contracting states of the Agreement aimed at flight safety rate advancement based on the analysis of conclusions and recommendations stated in the process of accidents investigation in 2016 and earlier are given. The majority of 23 recommendations of the Report are restated, some of them are issued repeatedly over several years.

The main recommendation is the need to ensure the regular practice of checking the implementation of taken decisions and measures on flight safety. To develop the system of mandatory and operational response for recommendations of investigation teams with bringing recommendations to specific action plans and monitoring of time frames of their implementation.