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About signing of Memorandum with the Republic of Turkey

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On May 30 in the headquarters of the Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace in Baku, Azerbaijan Republic the Memorandum of understanding between the Interstate Aviation Committee and Director General of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Turkey in the field of airworthiness was signed. Memorandum is the result of long-term work on mutual studying of standards and procedures of both Parties aimed at civil aircraft flight safety promotion. Present memorandum is aimed at reinforcing and development of cooperation in this field between Parties. 

Memorandum deliberates agreement of the Parties to sign Working procedures for aircraft certification which establishment is carried out by IAC and Airworthiness Department of Director General of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Turkey. In particular, it will enable to implement the project of Russian Ka-32A11BC helicopters delivery in which Turkey again has confirmed its interest. Ка‑32А11ВС helicopter has valid certificate of IAC Aviation Register and EASA ensuring helicopter successful operation in many states of Europe and the world. Its "fire-protection" model is especially in demand in recent times.

Parties expressed confidence in further fruitful cooperation in both the field of airworthiness and other fields of flight safety promotion.