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About participation of IAC experts in COG AIM Task Force - COG/AIM TF/33 meeting

Interstate Aviation Committee took part in thirty third meeting of COG AIM Task Force – COG/AIM TF/33 which was held in Baku (Azerbaijan) on May 30 - June 1, 2017.  States of the ICAO Eastern European region, representatives of aviation industry participating in development and manufacture of ATM technical facilities and systems took part in the meeting. 

Issues on assistance to states of ICAO Eastern European region on implementation of ICAO requirements in the field of AIS/Charts and elimination of air navigation differences in states, planning and assistance to states in ensuring harmonious transition from Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) to Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) and also participation in ensuring needs and priorities of modern and future ATM system by implementation of mechanisms and decisions on air navigation information and data control were considered at the meeting.

Kleshchev K.A., Chairperson of the Commission on harmonization of ATM national programs and systems presented information on IAC work. He reminded participants on EANPG 46/42 ICAO decision from 02.12.2004 to entrust the IAC with monitoring, coordination, consulting, holding of workshops and also informing the ICAO on progress of WGS-84 on a regular basis. Kleschev K.A. brought to the notice of attendants that within the framework of the ICAO mentioned orders IAC implemented the following activities:  

  • independent investigation on "Development of digital terrain model at the airport territory and cartographic information of "Minsk-2" and "Gomel" airports was conducted in the Republic of Belarus;
  • expert opinion on compliance of results of special engineering geodetic investigations performed in Kyrgyz Republic with "Manual on World Geodetic System" requirements is given.
During working visit to Kyrgyz Republic on 26.04.2017 the issues of independent expertise management of activities on completion of WGS 84, еTOD и AMDB implementation and issues on implementation of GNSS GLONASS/GPS performance-based navigation and landing were considered.