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About Coordinating Council session on training for aviation specialists

Regular meeting of the IAC Coordinating Council on training for for aviation specialists of the Member States of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace was held on 27 June, 2017. 

The representatives of aviation authorities and educational institutions providing specialists training for civil aviation of Member States of the Agreement took part in the Council work. 

The following issues were included in thematic programme of the Coordinating council meeting:  

- upgrading of state aviation inspectors training. Presentation of the Training course for state aviation inspectors on educational institutions; 

- modern trends in specialists training on assessing the compliance of aircraft prototypes with airworthiness requirements; 

- achievements and problems of implementation of the requirements for English language level. Features of constant maintenance of English language level specified by ICAO requirements for ATC personnel, experts of radiotechnical and meteorological flight support;   

- legal aspects of UAV civil application;  

-​ improvement of instructorial personnel proficiency upgrade procedures;  

- upgrading of methods of pilots initial training based on optimization of visual attention allocation operating aircraft with electronic data display system; 

-​ presentation of aviation training center of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. Features of development, problems and their solution; 

- century of Yegoryevsk aviation technical college named after Chkalov;  

-​ report on flight safety level in civil aviation of Member States of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace in 2016 on IAC materials. 

Participants of the meeting were familiarized with results achieved in state aviation inspectors training. Representatives of the Republic of Kazakhstan presented specialized training course for state aviation inspectors on educational organizations developed by experts of "Kazaeronavigation" Republican state enterprise in Russian language considering regional features and ICAO that was successfully validated in 2016. 

Participants of the meeting emphasized relevancy and timeliness of performed work and made suggestions on development and implementation of this and such courses in other areas in Member States of the Agreement. 

Participants of the meeting made the following suggestions: 

- approve the IAC Coordinating council activity on aviation specialists training; 

-​ make materials of the Council meeting available for aviation authorities of Member States of the Agreement; 

-​ support the initiative of educational organizations performing training on aviation English language in the following issues;

  • upgrading of standards for assessing the quality of tests and testing process management which will allow to determine the quality of aviation English language training; 
  • upgrading of educators training system in aviation English language aimed at updating the training procedures; 

-​ support activities on distribution of qualification system of aviation personnel training. Highlighting the competency of professional designers of educational programs and application of support tools using procedures of training management system and supervision from authorities;

-​ approve development of scientifically based methodology of pilots initial training on optimum allocation of visual attention during operations at aircraft equipped by Electronic Chart Display and Information System.

-​ inform aviation authorities and airlines of Member States of the Agreement on initiated preparation for the forthcoming centenary celebration since establishment of Yegoryevsk aviation technical college named after V.P. Chkalov, Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation branch. 

Considered issues and proposals made in the discussion by participants of the meeting are aimed at addressing the important issues in the field of aviation education. 

Interstate Aviation Committee expresses its gratitude to all experts of Coordinating council for active development and upgrading of civil aviation specialists training.