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About visits of IAC delegation to the Member States of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace

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At the invitation of transport authorities of the Member States of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) delegation made a working visit to the Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Armenia in July and August, 2017. 

In the course of visits meetings with ministers of transport, heads of civil aviation and industry leaders of member states of the Agreement were held. 

IAC activity in the field of the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices on flight safety in regions and also Interstate Council/IAC Programme on further enhanced collaboration within the framework of the Interstate Agreement on Civil Aviation and Airspace Use (Agreement) and IAC-ICAO agreements was discussed in detail during meetings.  

The Programme, in particular, includes measures on development of air transportations accessibility and cost-effectiveness based on ICAO decisions and also airspace liberalization, ensuring independence of accident and serious incident investigation using IAC scientific and technical and human capacity, development of civil aviation experts training within the framework of ICAO/IAC Project indefinitely extended in October 2016 by ICAO President and Secretary General and also on the basis of established interstate training center for aviation specialists.    

Heads of the Ministries confirmed continued support for Agreement full implementation and Interstate Council/IAC activity. IAC activity in the field of accident investigation was appreciated in particular considering relevance of this activity appreciation from ICAO and other international organisations.   

Programme on implementation of system solutions aimed at establishment of best air navigation service system consistent with international standards and complying with provisions of the ICAO Global and European Air Navigation Plan and also implementation programme of international, interstate system of professional education using state resources of the Republic of Belarus previously discussed at the meetings were presented to Minister of Transport of the Kyrgyz Republic, Minister of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and head of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Armenia.  

Parties expressed satisfaction with the meetings which were held in warm, friendly and constructive atmosphere.

In the course of the visit to "Kyrgyzaeronavigation" office the ceremony of awarding officials of organisation and civil aviation of the Kyrgyz Republic with honorary diplomas in connection with 20th anniversary of "Kyrgyzaeronavigation" establishment and successful longstanding work and collaboration with the Interstate Aviation Committee took place. 

Following the negotiations with heads of the industry of each visited state Agreements on counteraction in the field of accident investigation and prevention and Protocols on counteraction in the field of professional education, air navigation, certification of aircraft equipment and international airports were negotiated between transport authorities - participants and IAC. 

Agreements update existing agreements between parties considering latest developments in the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices and are the continuation of fruitful practice of joint work.