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Interstate Aviation Committee informs

In connection with numerous mass-media appeals regarding the proposal to establish a new interstate body to investigate accidents and Interstate Aviation Committee activity in this area, we consider necessary to report the following.

IAC acts on the basis of the interstate Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace (Agreement) and in accordance with standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The Interstate Aviation Committee acts on the principles of mutual respect, respect for the sovereignty of the airspace of member-states of the Agreement and the principles of consensus, due to which it was possible to establish the legal basis for civil aviation in the region.

Over 25 years, IAC has been acting on behalf of all member-states of the Agreement as a widely recognized international regional organization registered in this capacity in the UN (ICAO). By analogy with the IAC in 2004, within the framework of the European Union, a body (EASA) was established, with which IAC has fruitful cooperation on the basis of the International Agreement. In general, the IAC has international agreements with 77 countries and 19 international organizations.

According to the President of the ICAO Council, IAC is a model for the implementation of effective regional cooperation and its activities correspond with ICAO's strategic objectives. IAC activities are fully supported by the member-states of the Agreement which monitor the IAC through its plenipotentiary representative in the Council on Aviation and the Use of Airspace.

IAC has investigated over 800 accidents, over 40% of them in 76 countries of the world. It should be especially noted that no conclusion of the IAC on the results of these investigations has been challenged in procedural order.

Based on the results of the latest ICAO audit, the indicator of the investigation system implemented by the Interstate Aviation Committee in the interests of the Russian Federation (regarding the investigation of aviation accidents) was 84%. At the same time, the global level of aviation safety is 62%, the European level is 73%. (summary of the audits can be found on the ICAO website https://www.icao.int/safety/Pages/USOAP-Results.aspx.)

ICAO audits also confirmed the high professionalism of the IAC staff, the good material and technical base of the organization and, importantly, the complete independence of the accident investigation system, as required by ICAO standards.

Thus, information about the alleged non-compliance of IAC activity with the ICAO standards is not justified.

In addition, we consider it necessary to note that the information that is being circulated in the media about the existing disagreements between the IAC and Federal Air Transport Agency is in fact a conflict between an objective, professional approach to determining the causes of accidents and narrow-departmental interests.