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About the workshop «Flight data analysis» (FDA)

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On 2-3 October, 2017 in Baku, the Azerbaijan Republic within the framework of ICAO-IAC RER 01/901 (COSCAP-CIS) regional Project implementation the workshop "Flight data analysis" was held. 

The workshop was organised jointly by specialists of Airbus, Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace, Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) supported by aviation authority of the Azerbaijan Republic. 

84 aviation specialists from 13 states and 6 international organisations took part in the workshop. 

The following topics were considered at the workshop: 

  • Practice of Great Britain in FDA impplementation; 
  • Basic introduction into flight data analysis (FDA) system as is the practice in airlines (data extraction from aircraft, software information processing, events investigation, integration with SMS); 
  • Promotion from from reactive to proactive flight safety risk management. Overview of ICAO and EASA regulations for FDA; 
  • Difficulties in practical challenges implementation within the framework of FDA programme, their impact on efficiency of FDA programme for application in SMS; 
  • Supervisory guidlines on FDA in accordance with regulations of practical application; 
  • EASA experience in FDA programme use;
  • Experience of Republic of Moldova in FDA application; 
  • Experience of Ukraine in the field of FDA data collection, analysis and use for flight safety risk management at the state level.  

During the workshop participants were offered to assess the compliance of regulations and reporting format of operators on flight data analysis (FDA) with ICAO Standards and Recommended Practice, European Union, EASA. As a result of analysis participants of the workshop discussed possible options of bringing FDA regulations and reporting format into compliance in order to upgrade FDA programmes. 

Participants of the workshop had the possibility to study the practice of FRA programmes implementation in different countries and organizations, ask questions to ICAO, EASA, FAA USA specialists on regulatory framework and practical implementation in this field.