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About participation in 6th International Cooperation Forum

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Delegation of the Interstate Aviation Committee took part in 6th international cooperation forum in the field of civil aviation (6th International Cooperation Forum) which was held on October 19-20, 2017 in the headquarters of European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Cologne, Germany. 

Forum held under the auspices of EASA is an exclusive conference for aviation authorities and Regional Safety Oversight Organisations (RSOO) which covers wide a broad spectrum of topics on such issues as regional and technical cooperation, enhancing the regulatory approach, addressing organisational challenges  and also cybersecurity in civil aviation and unmanned aircraft sustems use control.

International Cooperation Forum has become a venue for video conference with participation of RSOO representatives within the framework of preparation for the first meeting of the ICAO-supported regional safety oversight organisations cooperative platform (RSOO cooperative platform) which is scheduled for December 2017.  

Forum was attended by 80 representatives from 40 aviation authorities of states situated outside the European Union including 10 regional safety oversight organisations from Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East and Oceania.