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About the results of scientific-practical congress and 37 IAC CAAC Session

International science and practical congress "Associations of aerospace, maritime, extreme and ecological medicine in Russia" and 37 IAC CAAC Session in conjunction with 25 years of aeromedical activity of the IAC and Association were held in the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) on 26-28 October 2017. 

Representatives of CIS states, Greece, Vietnam, specialists of the leading aviation companies, as well as scientific, educational and medical centers of the Commonwealth took part in Forum work 

In the progress of plenary session and sections' work the results of the 25-year activity of the Association and IAC were summed up, further development prospects were determined, human factor and importance of health and human factor protection in the professional activity of aviation specialists were considered, ways to address the challenges of coordination and harmonization of States and international organisations actions on medical support of aviation, training of medical specialists in aeronautical medicine were outlined. Participants considered (discussed) new developments and requirements in the field of clinical medicine, flight medical expertise and rehabilitation treatment of persons of extreme professions. 

During the third day of the Forum work the participants visited "Russian Federation State Research Center Institute of Biomedical Problems RAS (IBMP)".