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About De-/Anti-Icing Workshop

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On 14 November the De-/Anti-Icing Workshop was held in the Interstate Aviation Committee. The seminar was organized jointly by Airbus and the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) specialists within the framework of the ICAO/IAC Project RER/01/901. About 70 specialists from 7 states of the region participated in the event. Representatives from Airbus, State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation, “Aeroflot” PSC, “Domodedovo” Airport and IAC delivered their presentations at the seminar.

In the course of the seminar special attention was given to the following topics:

·        Aircraft manufacturer’s (Airbus) requirements to the quality of the aircraft de-/anti-icing treatment;

·        New types of de-/anti-icing fluids;

·        Peculiarities of modern aircraft treatment;

·        Role and responsibility of the crew during the aircraft treatment;

·        Ground aviation personnel training and qualification;

·        Ensuring aircraft de-/anti-icing and quality control;

·        Technologies of anti-icing treatment of composite materials and aluminum alloys;

·        Ecology problems related to the de-/anti-icing fluid utilization.

The 3rd edition of the Methodical Recommendations “Airplane Protection from Icing up on the Ground” was considered at the seminar. The participants of the seminar approved the accomplished work and recommended the materials of the Methodical Recommendations for implementation in the states of the region during the autumn/winter period 2017-2018. CAST-CIS team will continue its activity in the following directions:

·        Deicer driving up and departure diagrams;

·        Deicer movement during aircraft treatment;

·        Improvement of the Section related to the de-/anti-icing operations on the aircraft with running engines;

·        Interaction of the crew with the airport ground services;

·        Development of the requirements for solving ecological problems with the aim of improving the Recommendations.