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About participation in EANPG/59

On 30 October – 3 November 2017 Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) delegation took part in the 59th meeting of the ICAO European Air Navigation Planning Group (EANPG/59) combined with the 6th meeting of European Regional Aviation Safety Group which was held in the ICAO Regional Office in Paris, France. 119 representatives from 35 States, as well as observers from 13 international, regional organisations, aircraft manufacturers participated in the meeting. 

17 information and 35 working documents were presented in the following topics within the framework of the meeting: 

  • Review of important international developments; 
  • Review of EANPG and RASF and follow-up actions; 
  • Aviation safety;
  • Air Navigation Planning and Global Air Navigation plan implementation; 
  • Protection of the environment, etc. 

IAC presented at the meeting working document on the initiatives implementation related to ICAO ADREP taxonomy (classification) implementation, accidents and incidents data collection and analysis. Information document Methodological recommendations "Aircraft protection from ground icing. Edition 3" developed within the framework of the ICAO/IAC (COSCAP-CIS) regional Project by CAST-CIS expert safety team which was established to assist States of our region and industry leaders in addressing current practical challenges on flight safety enhancement was also presented. Experts from airports and leading airlines, manufacturers of aircraft equipment and De-/Anti-icing fluids, leading scientific-research institutes participate regularly in its work. IAC methodological recommendations were noted and recommended to aviation enterprises and airlines for development of their own procedures of aircraft De-/Anti-icing treatment together with current international standards. The document is included in final resolution of the Meeting. 

IAC informed Meeting participants of the Meeting on Committee activity in the field of flight safety promotion, aviation specialists training, implementation of modern navigation aids and air traffic management (GPS/GLONASS, PBN, etc.), initiatives in the field of improved aviation transport accessibility in the States of the region. 

Intensive activities of IAC specialists in addressing current issues of civil aviation in the region was highlighted by working documents of EUR/NAT Office Secretariat. Successful meetings of safety teams (FDA, IE-REST/10, RCOG/7) on 2-6 October, 2017 in Baku (Azerbaijan Republic) organized by ICAO, Interstate Council, IAC and State Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan was highlighted as well. 

IAC activity is presented in news publication of EUR/NAT Office (EUR/NAT newsletter). In the course of the IAC delegation negotiations with EUR/NAT Office secretariat agreements on enhanced collaboration in different fields including implementation of ICAO initiatives in the region States in environmental protection from aviation impact, etc. were reached.

Tasks of EANPG planning group are implementation of the ICAO concept on gradual development and transition to ATM global system in the European region. The objectives of the RASG group also include support of GASP and GASR global aviation safety plan implementation and monitoring of progress in its implementation in the ICAO European region, aviation safety systems establishment and maintenance in the region. IAC actively participates in the work of these groups and is the reliable partner of the ICAO European and North Atlantic Office in the ICAO initiatives and standards implementation in States of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace.