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About participation of IAC specialist in the Working group meeting

On 30 November - 1 December,  2017 in the CIS Executive Committee the Working group meeting was held to develop proposals on the issues of medical and sanitary and epidemiological support of civil aviation aircraft flights of CIS member States.

Representatives of the Department of Health, Federal Service for Surveillance on Customer Rights and Human Wellbeing, Ministries of Labour and Social Protection, aviation authorities, aviation enterprises, airlines, educational institutions and scientific-research organisations of Azerbaijan Republic, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russian Federation, Interstate Aviation Committee and CIS Executive Committee personnel took part in the meeting. 

Working group meeting is organized by the CIS Executive Committee pursuant to the decision of XXVII meeting of the Collaborative Council for CIS Healthcare held in Bishkek on 28 April, 2017 where at the initiative of the Interstate Aviation Committee the decision on establishing a Working group was taken, Working Group Provision and Programme of measures in order to develop proposals on the issues of sanitary and epidemiological support of civil aviation of CIS member-states were approved.  

The Working group is organized to exchange information, to develop interdepartmental cooperation between public health organisations, aviation sectors of the Commonwealth States for the preparation of draft model documents governing regulatory framework on medical support of civil aviation of the Commonwealth States in accordance with common standards, regulations and procedures adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organisation and World Health Organisation.     

Participants of the Working group considered the issues of inter-sectoral collaboration including prevention of emergencies in the field of public healthcare in civil aviation. Working group members and the list of developing draft regulations on the the focus areas of medical support of civil aviation of the Commonwealth States were identified. Working group members discussed the prospects for futher collaboration in the field of medical flight safety promotion of CIS countries, determined the regular meetig programme.