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About the meeting of regional safety oversight organisations in ICAO

ICAO: Enhancing the role of regional organisations is an objective need. 

On 15 December, 2017 in the ICAO headquarters CANIS and SANIS forums on prospects of air navigation and flight safety development have been concluded. At the close of the Forum the meeting of regional aviation safety organisations on enhanced collaboration and counteraction with ICAO was held  

At the 39th Session of ICAO Assembly the organisation have launched an initiative on creating a platform for cooperation between regional safety oversight organisations (RSOO) within the framework of Global aviation safety oversight system (GASOS). The initiative was supported by the Interstate Aviation Committee, EASA, regional organisations of Latin America, Africa, Asia.   

At the meeting of 15 December, 2017 organized by the ICAO Air Navigation Bureau, besides IAC and EASA 13 regional organisations combining the efforts of over 50 states of the World were presented.  

IAC as the oldest and the most respectable organisation of this kind supported ICAO efforts on establishing close contacts with regional organisations and shared experience of 25-year successful implementation of regional cooperation. Today the Interstate Council on aviation and Use of Airspace and IAC cooperation is based on international agreements including within the framework of full-scope agreements in the field of airworthiness and flight safety with India, Canada, China, USA and also agreements with countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Africa, Middle East and Latin America, international organisations, ICAO, IATA, EASA, COCESNA, IFALPA, ITSA, CIS, EURASEC and others. A total of 75 states and 19 international organisations. 

Currently, supporting GANP and GASP global plans of ICAO IAC enhances cooperation with states at the regional level in the field of ATM systems modernization, CNS/ANM, GBAS concept introduction; implementation of international education cluster concept on aviation specialists training including within the framework of the ICAO-IAC project prolonged in 2016 on an indefinite basis; development and implementation of innovative technologies in civil aviation; in the field of setting up inter-State mechanisms of air transport activity management on the basis of demonopolization, competition, mutual benefit and respect for the international rules and national interests of the Member States of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace with the aim of promoting economically sustainable development and accessibility of air transport connections. 

On the sidelines of the meeting the ICAO reports on the preparations undertaken were presented and the terms of reference project of newly established platform of RSOO organisations cooperation was considered. Constructive exchange of opinions and discussion of the issues on information exchange between organisations, exchange of best practices on implementation of authority on safety oversight, on monitoring of Standards and Recommended practice implementation in the Member States and implementation of measures for flight safety level enhancement based on ICAO audits were held. 

Participants were unanimous on the need of enhanced collaboration in order to improve the effectiveness of their authority implementation. It is the commitment to effectiveness that underlies the establishment of similar organisations which providing high level of competence and resources (specialists, inspectors, laboratory, training and technical base) guarantee considerable economic effect to the Member States through resource-sharing. Currently some states are unable neither economically, nor demographically to independently maintain a high level of compliance with ICAO standards. Consolidating efforts and efficient use of resources is an urgent need today. ICAO increasingly pays attention to the development of regional civil aviation organisations and attempts to provide them with the necessary support and recognition.     

According to the ICAO President "The RSOO model is time tested, and also an important means by which many States which cannot afford to provide effective aviation safety oversight can pool their resources and avoid duplication of efforts" (ICAO JOURNAL – ISSUE 2 2017).

The participants agreed on the further effective cooperation, development of joint documents and regular consultations, the first of which is scheduled for the beginning of 2018 via teleconference. 

During the visit to ICAO the IAC delegation held a number of working meetings with the management of ICAO, Air navigation bureau, auditing Sections, Accident Investigation Sections, representatives of EASA, IATA and other international organisations.