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About participation in ICAO Thirteenth Air Navigation Conference

IAC/Interstate Council Delegation took part in the ICAO Thirteenth Air Navigation Conference held in the ICAO headquarters in Montreal in October.

ICAO Air Navigation Conferences are an important tool for discussing and developing strategies for the development of international civil aviation, preparing solutions for the Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO Council and Assembly.

In total, over 300 working papers on such agenda items as: Air Navigation Global Strategy, Enhancing the Global Air Navigation System, Remotely piloted aircraft systems, Cybersecurity, Safety Performance Monitoring, Global aviation safety oversight system (GASOS), Operational safety risks at the global, regional and national levels, and the role of RSOOs and RASGs in achieving the GASP goals were considered during the Conference meetings.

The Interstate Aviation Committee presented to the Conference 5 working papers with initiatives in the field of flight safety, aircraft protection from icing, training of aviation personnel, successful activities of the ICAO-IAC project, implementation of satellite navigation systems based on GBAS, CNS/ATM concepts.

The Conference paid most attention to the development of regional cooperation, as an integral part of the future Global Flight Safety Monitoring System. The Interstate Aviation Committee, jointly with EASA (European Union) and 13 regional organizations, presented a document “On strengthening the role of Regional Safety Oversight Organizations (RSOO)”. The document was approved by the majority of states and recommendations were adopted by the Conference with a view to subsequent implementation in the framework of the future GASOS system. The conference recognized that, at the regional and global levels, regional organizations play a key role in supporting States in resolving their problems arising from the performance of their flight safety responsibilities, subject to adequate staffing and availability of resources. The Conference also agreed that States and regional organizations should actively pursue their efforts to strengthen regional organizations and recognize them within the framework of ICAO safety management system.

During the Conference the second meeting of the Coordination Platform of regional organizations was held, which was attended by representatives of regional organizations in Africa, Latin America, the Pacific region, Asia and Europe. The Interstate Aviation Committee informed the participants about the work done and further plans to support ICAO initiatives on GASOS concept implementation. The meeting expressed gratitude to the IAC for the work done, exchanged views on further ways to improve interaction and promote ICAO plans.

The Interstate Council/IAC became an example of the creation of regional organizations, followed by 15 such organizations, representing the interests of more than 130 countries of the world. The need to unite efforts in the field of flight safety has become particularly relevant today in the context of the steady growth of air transport against the background experienced by the majority of countries around the world, the lack of human and material resources in the field of government regulation and flight safety oversight. It is precisely these activities related to aviation specialists training and uniting the efforts of states that are recently in the sphere of increased attention of regional organizations, including the Interstate Council/IAC, which is undertaking intensive work to create an interstate system for training aviation specialists, state inspectors, including on the basis of the most successful ICAO Technical Cooperation project - ICAO-IAC project.

On the margins of the Assembly, there were also working meetings of the Interstate Council/IAC delegation with the ICAO President, Director of the Air Navigation Bureau, head of the ICAO accident investigation section, heads of delegations of the states of our region and other countries, as well as with delegations of EASA, IATA, ACSA, IFALPA, IAOPA and others international organizations.