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About participation in the annual conference of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators ISASI

Experts of the Interstate Aviation Committee took part in the annual conference of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators ISASI, held in Dubai (UAE).

The conference was attended by more than 250 representatives of the accident and incident investigation authorities, aviation authorities, designers and manufacturers of aviation equipment and software and hardware, universities, training centers, research organizations.

The Conference included reports on the results of the investigation of recent accidents, application of innovative methods and technologies, introduction of the latest scientific and technical approaches to the problem of flight safety enhancement, the problems of human resources and the development of educational activities.

The presentation of ICAO, made at the Conference by the head of the accident investigation section, addressed the regional cooperation, which is gaining momentum around the world, and the role of regional investigation organizations such as IAC which was presented as an example of their establishment, registered as such in ICAO, and one of the leaders in providing independent accident investigations in the world.

In the course of the Conference, IAC experts held meetings with representatives of the NTSB USA, BEA France, AIB UK, DSB Netherlands, SHK Sweden, ICAO, EASA, BFU Germany, heads and officers of the investigation authorities and aviation authorities of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Japan, Czech Republic, Latvia, etc.

The ISASI conference is an important forum, held annually in different parts of the world, and allowing a small number of experts in the field of accident investigation to exchange views on the most important aspects of this complex field of activity, and to receive information on current trends in scientific and technical solutions and information technologies aimed on the prevention of aircraft crashes.