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About EURNAT- DGCA/2019 meeting

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Delegation of the Interstate Aviation Council/IAC took part in the Forum of European and North Atlantic Directors General of Civil Aviation which was held om 19-20 March 2019 in the ICAO European and North-Atlantic (EUR/NAT) Office (Paris, France).

The Forum was attended by heads and representatives of aviation authorities of countries of the region, as well as Eurocontrol, European Commission, IATA and lther leading international organizations.

The implementation results of the ICAO European and North-Atlantic Office work plan and proiorities of the activitiy development in the region were discussed. 

Interstate Council/IAC officially signed the Agreement with ICAO in 1992 and since then fruitful cooperation with headquaters and the European/North-Atlantic Office has been successfully developing and expanding.  

Interstate Council/IAC presented the report on implamentation of the ICAO-IAC RER/01/901 regional project "Flight safety and continued airworthiness" to the Forum participants which was received with great interest and received the approval of the participants, including the ICAO Secretary General - Dr. Fang Liu and EUR/NAT Regional Director Ms. Silvia Gehrer.

Celebration dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Chicago Convention and the ICAO establishment were held on the margins of Forum. On behalf of the President of the Interstate Council and the Chairman of the Interstate Aviation Committee, the winner of the Edward Warner Prize, Dr. T.G. Anodina, the IAC delegates congratulated the ICAO Secretary General and all participants on this significant date and presented the EUR/NAT Regional Director Ms. Silvia Gehrer with an honorary diploma and a commemorative medal named after Nikolay Zhukovsky - an outstanding Russian scientist and founder of aerodynamics.