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About the investigation progress of the accient with RRJ-95B RA-89098 aircraft

On 5 June 2019 the Chairman of the IAC Investigation Commission of the fatal accident involving RRJ-95B aircraft (registration RA-89098) owned by Aeroflot, PJSC occurred on 5 May 2018 in Sheremetyevo Airport reported to the Chairman of the Government Commission, Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Y. I. Deitrich and a number of members of Government Commission established to investigate the causes of the fatal accident and assist the victims and their families on the work of the Investigation team for the first 30 days since the fatal accident.   

The meeting was attended by the heads of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Transport, Rosaviatsia, Aeroflot PJSC and UAC PJSC.

The Investigation team includes experts from the Interstate Aviation Committee and representatives of Rosaviatsia, Aeroflot PJSC andSukhoi Civil Aircraft JSC.

The Investigation team work carried out in full compliance with international and Russian regulations and procedures included: field phase of the investigation at the accident site including sketch maps (scheme of the accident); examination of the aircraft debris; analysis of the received information and other necessary activities; decoding and analysis of of airborne recorders and ground-based recording facilities data, as well as video recordings of surveillance cameras conducted at the IAC laboratory using its technical and technological resources. Based on the data of flight recorders the complete flight reconstruction was presented with the reproduction of synchronized records of crew members speech between each other and with ATC services of Sheremetyevo Airport.

The Chairman of the Investigation team informed on the further studies planned within the framework of the Investigation team work. 

The Chairman of the Investigation team also reported on the main provisions of the Preliminary report prepared by the IAC Investigation team in accordance with Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO) and clause 2.4.12 of Rules of Investigation of Air Accidents and Incidents in the Russian Federation (PRAPI). In accordance with international and Russian practice, the report does not indicate the causes of the fatal accident. 

The draft of the Preliminary report (more than 100 pages) was discussed and adopted at the meeting of the Investigation team.

In accordance with clause 2.2.7 of PRAPI, the Investigation team previously prepared a Subsequent Report containing, among others, recommendations on improving flight safety for the aviation industry and operators, and forwarded it to Rosaviatsia and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

When discussing the Preliminary Report, all members of the Investigation team agreed that, at this stage of the investigation, the recommendations made by the Investigation team in the Subsequent Report are sufficient. In the course of further work, after receiving the results of the planned research and the results of the investigation, the Investigation team may also give other recommendations that will be sent to organizations provided by Russian legislation.

The Preliminary report will be published shortly after its final proof-reading reconciliation.

The IAC Investigation team continues its work in cooperation with the Government Commission.