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About IAC participation in the Government investigation Commission of the fatal accident with Fokker-100 aircraft operated by «Bek Air» Airlines

In accordance with the Interstate Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace, the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) takes an active part in the Government investigation Commission (hereinafter - Commission) of the fatal accident with Fokker-100 aircraft operated by «Bek Air» Airlines occurred on 27 December 2019 during take-off from Almaty International airport.

IAC group of experts arrived at the accident site and from the first days has been working directly with the IAC Commission. IAC provides full scientific and technical support to the investigation.

Reading and decoding of flight recorders (FDR and CVR detected at the accident site) data were performed in the IAC laboratory. All information was transferred to the Investigation Commission. A preliminary analysis of this information allowed us to reconstruct the events and determine the priority version of the causes of the accident. This information was communicated to the public by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan during a press conference with the IAC participation.

In accordance with the Standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) - Appendix 13 to the Chicago Convention, an authorized representative and advisers of the state of the developer and manufacturer of the aircraft (Netherlands) participate in the investigation. FDR recording was transferred to the authorized representative of the Netherlands.

In accordance with the Investigation Commission the IAC jointly with experts rom the Netherlands, Kazakhstan and EASA, started work on mathematical modeling of the flight conducted in order to establish the actual aerodynamic characteristics of the aircraft during emergency take-off and the influence of external factors (primarily ground icing, etc.) on them, analysis of aircraft motion parameters and crew actions.

The IAC notes the high organization of work, efficiency and professionalism of the Investigation Commission members and technical specialists of the Republic of Kazakhstan.