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About international videoconference “Priorities of activities and civil aviation supporting measures during overcoming the pandemic and after it”

On July 8th, 2020 the Interstate Aviation Committee in cooperation with ICAO has held an international videoconference “Priorities of activities and civil aviation supporting measures during overcoming the pandemic and after it”.

The conference was organized within the framework of the ICAO-IAC Project RER/01/901 “Improving Operational Safety and Maintaining Airworthiness for the State-Parties to the International Agreement” with the aim of developing practical proposals for supporting the aviation industries of the State-parties to the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace in overcoming the crisis caused by the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.

The leaders of IAC, the Interstate Council, ICAO Regional Bureau, representatives of IATA and the Airbus Company, the heads of the aviation administrations of the State-parties to the Agreement, leading specialists of the region’s airlines, airports, as well as aviation centers, educational institutions and air navigation services have attended the videoconference.

The reports of urgent problems that arose in civil aviation as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic were presented by the IAC, ICAO, IATA and Airbus specialists on the following topics:

· Reasonable and real measures of state and intra-industry support for civil aviation enterprises.

· ICAO Crisis Recovery Initiatives.

· “Key Points of the ICAO Aviation Restoration Council Task Force Report”.

· IATA Initiatives to Overcome the Industry Crisis.

· National ATM systems supporting measures for maintaining seamless and safe air traffic services.

· Airbus Project “Keep Trust in Air Travel”

· International civil aviation renew and restoration measures in the context of the spreading of COVID-19.

· CAPSCA program.

The heads of aviation administrations of the states of the region have actively participated in the discussion of reports, focusing on the crisis overcoming experience in their states.

The results of the conference were outlined by the President of the Interstate Council, the Chairperson of the IAC, doctor of technical sciences, professor, laureate of Edward Warner award - Anodina Tatyana Grigorievna.

In her speech, she has thanked all the state-parties to the Agreement, ICAO, IATA, as well as Airbus, for their active work in resolving issues of overcoming the crisis, and noted the special importance of assisting states and all sectors of aviation in this difficult situation. Moreover, it was emphasized that all the sectors are interconnected, all aspects are common, and if a crisis arises in one sector, then, of course, this will affect other sectors, because a complex system of the aviation industry includes: industry, airports, air navigation services providers and flight personnel technical training, etc.

The videoconference was highly appreciated by the participants, who have noted its importance and significance for the development of our region.

Based on the results of the conference, a package of initiatives and practical measures addressed to the governments, the aviation authorities, and the air transport industry in our region for the purpose of solving the challenges which civil aviation faces in such areas as flight safety, medical and epidemiological safety, economics and finance in the circumstances of ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus will be formed.

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