Вернуться назад

About the resumption of regular flights

Interstate Council on Civil Aviation and Airspace Use (Interstate Council) and Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) welcome the decision of governments of the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan and Republic of Kyrgyzstan on the resumption of regular flights. Taken decisions were the result of measures developed and implemented by states to protect citizens during air transportation under pandemic conditions.

It should be noted that the issues of resumption of flights between the contracting states of the Interstate Agreement on Civil Aviation and Airspace Use were discussed extensively at the online conference held by us in July 2020. Following the results of this conference letters with proposals on possible measures of state support for aviation industry including the resumption of air traffic between states were sent to the governments and aviation authorities of the states. 

We express our hope for the further resumption of air traffic between the CIS states in the development of measures taken by governments for the protection and security of citizens.

The resumption of air traffic in the context of deferred demand will support all civil aviation enterprises, including airlines, airports, air navigation services and the tourism industry, which will face a decline in domestic traffic during autumn-winter period.

For their part, the Interstate Council and the IAC are ready to provide the necessary organizational support for the balanced and mutual opening of air traffic and other measures during regular flights.