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About Web-Conference «Anti-/De-icing of Aircraft»

On 29 September 2020 the international video-conference «Anti-/De-icing of Aircraft» was held by the Interstate Aviation Committee within the framework of the ICAO-IAC Project RER/01/901 «Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness in the Member States of the Agreement».

More than 100 specialists from 12 states participated in the work of the video-conference, the participants included managers and specialists from IAC, Interstate Council, ICAO EUR/NAT, representatives from US FAA, IATA, heads of the CAAs of the Member States of the Agreement, leading specialists from the airlines and airports of the region.

In the course of the Conference the following presentations were made:

- Issues of sharing responsibility during the check-up of the anti-icing treatment before take-off;

- Peculiarities of the F70 (F100) airplane protection from ground icing;

- New Revision of the Methodical Recommendations «Airplane protection from icing up on the ground»;

- Quality Management System of aircraft anti-icing;

- Aircraft anti-icing quality control on behalf of the airlines;

- Certification of anti-icing fluids.

During the conference specialists exchanged experience in the issue of the aircraft anti-/de-icing and discussed with great interest the topical issues of aircraft anti-/de-icing and the influence of icing on aircraft performance.

The participants of the Conference approved the work of the developers of the Methodical Recommendations «Airplane protection from icing up on the ground», which is a very important document for improving flight safety. The participants supported the introduction of the new revision of the recommendations, taking into account the supplements and changes suggested in the course of work.

The new revision of the Methodical Recommendations «Airplane protection from icing up on the ground» will be prepared for the publication on the IAC web-site in the nearest future and recommended for implementation to the States of the region.