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About the second package of proposals for possible state measures to support aviation enterprises

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) by the results of the second videoconference, held within the framework of the ICAO-IAC Project on the subject “Priorities of Activities and Civil Aviation Support Measures During Overcoming the Pandemic and after It”, has directed to the Governments of the CIS and EAEU States the second package of proposals on the possible measures of the state support of aviation enterprises.   

Representatives of international organizations, including ICAO, WHO, IATA; sanitary and epidemiological state oversight bodies and public health institutions, as well as branch participants (representatives of the CAAs, airlines, airports, air navigation enterprises, servicing organizations and aviation industry) took part in the Conference held by the Interstate Council on Aviation and Airspace Use (the Interstate Council) and the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC). Altogether - more than 120 specialists from 12 states.

The package of proposals and measures includes the following:

         1. Adoption within the frame of the CIS and EAEU organizations of relevant measures to resume the air communication among the Member States in full scope and in accordance with the demand for air transportations. This will allow to restore economic and social contacts among people, as well as give air transport enterprises and cooperating branches a considerable income necessary to support their viability. It seems that the resumption of such air communication is as topical, as the already open air communication with the countries of the other regions of the world.

         The Interstate Council is ready to become the moderator of this work.

         For this it is necessary to prepare and support a number of measures for protecting public health in compliance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization:

-      maximum harmonization of the sanitary and epidemiological procedures among the states of the region in what concerns the air communication;

-      organization of the passenger flow management in the airports in order to maintain the maximum social distance, and on board of the aircraft – restriction of the passenger movement and use of the individual protection means to prevent possible contact contamination;

-      organization of continuous informing in the airports and on board the aircraft about the risks and sanitary - epidemiological measures in the conditions of the pandemic;

-      introduction of combined screening (PCR-testing and broadened questioning) of passengers before and after the flight, consideration of the possibility of using the experience of the European countries in the introduction of the Passenger Health Declaration, as well as the procedures for passenger and personnel contacts’ monitoring;

-      active participation in the ICAO-CAPSCA Programme. Participation in this programme will make it possible to activate the exchange of information and interaction among public health organizations, the states’ CAAs, ICAO, WHO in the strengthening of the states’ preparedness for the emergency situations in aviation, connected with the public heath.

         2. Consideration of the possibility of the further allocation of financial resources to the enterprises in the form of the direct irrevocable subsidies, including the compensation of the additional expenditures for the sanitary and epidemiological protection measures and maintaining of the flight personnel proficiency level.

         3. Consideration of the possibility of granting reduced property taxes for the aviation enterprises for the years 2020-2021.

         4. Working out and introduction of the interstate tourism development programmes within the CIS and EAEU Member States, as well as the consideration of the possibility of their subsidizing.

         5. Consideration of the possibility of the implementation of the programmes of the state support and stimulation of cargo air transportations, including transportation of medical equipment and medical and sanitary-hygienic wares. The further development of cargo air transportations may serve to be the main source of income for the industry in the conditions of the passenger flow reduction.

         For their part, the Interstate Council/IAC plan further videoconferences on the systematic basis for the purposes of monitoring the state of the civil aviation in the conditions of the continuing pandemic, conducting discussion and forming possible subsequent industry support measures.