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About online conference on flight personnel new competence-based training technology (CBTА/EBT)

On November 19, 2020 the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) continued a three-day online conference on Competence Based Training (CBTA/EBT), which has become an ICAO standard since November 2020. The conference is being held within the framework of the ICAO-IAC Project RER/01/901 jointly with Airbus and IATA aiming to support the states of the region in introducing new technologies in training flight personnel and reducing the risk of accidents to an acceptable level.

The conference is attended by: the heads of ICAO, the Interstate Council, IAC, EASA, representatives of IATA, Airbus, Boeing, international organizations, leading specialists of the aviation administrations of the states of the region, Russian and European airlines, airports, as well as air navigation services, aviation training centers and specialized educational institutions.

In a view of the unprecedented importance of this conference and the need to introduce ICAO standards into the aviation personnel training system, the number of participants increased and on November 19, 2020 240 aviation specialists from 15 states were registered.

The reports on the following topics were presented on the second day of the conference:

- “Case Study - JETSTAR CBTA/EBT Implementation” (Mr Patrick Murray, Mr James Mitchell, EBT Solutions/Jetstar, Australia)

-         "AIR FRANCE from ATQP to EBT" ( Mr. Fabien Laignel, Air France, France)

-         “Vueling” EBT Implementation plan” (Mr. Munar Jaime Salva, Vueling, Spain)

-         “Our Journey to EBT” (Mr. Siakkas Filippos, Mr. Akhmetov Talgat, Air Astana, Kazakhstan)

-         “CBTA/EBT Implementation and Role of the Manufacturer” (Mr. Norden Christian, Airbus, France)

-         “Best Practices for CBTA and Instructor Training” (Mr. Dennler Rick, Mr. Caldwell Richard, Boeing, USA)

The conference participants paid special attention to the exchange of experience on the best practices of the successful implementation of the CBTA/EBT standard in the aviation industry and the development and implementation of the roadmap.

The third stage of the conference “CBTA/EBT Instructors training and standardization” is scheduled for November 26, 2020.

Attached documents:

CBTA_EBT Implementation and Role of the Manufacturer.pdf (1.23 MB)

Vueling EBT Project Plan v.03.pdf (850.19 KB)