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About online conference between IAC and JST

On December 2, 2020 the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) held negotiations in the form of videoconference with the Transport Safety Board (JST) of the Republic of Argentina.

President of the Interstate Council for Aviation and Airspace Use, Chairman of the IAC Tatiana Anodina and President of the JST Julian Obaid presented the main areas of activity of their respective organizations. The JST management expressed a high interest in developing contacts and cooperation with the Interstate Council and IAC.

During the negotiations, a Memorandum of Understanding was agreed between the IAC and JST, which is to be signed remotely taking into account the restrictions induced by the ongoing pandemic. The Memorandum outlines the development of cooperation between the two Parties on innovation programs in the area of flight safety, including independent investigation and prevention of aviation accidents in accordance with ICAO standards, international practice and IAC’s long-standing experience in this field.

The Parties will strive to achieve progress in flight safety issues and closely coordinate investigation activities, new technologies, modeling tools and innovative software. The Memorandum also defines the main directions and forms of this cooperation.

The negotiations were held in a warm, professional and constructive atmosphere and complete mutual understanding.