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About online conference on flight personnel new competence-based training technology (CBTА/EBT)

On 26 November 2020 the final session of the three-day on-line conference on the CBTA/EBT Instructors Training and Standardization took place in the Interstate Aviation Committee (the first and the second sessions took place on 12 and 19 November 2020). The Conference was conducted within the framework of the ICAO-IAC Project RER/01/901 jointly with Airbus and IATA with the aim of rendering assistance to the states of the region in the introduction of the new technologies in the flight personnel training and in the reduction of the aircraft accident risks to the acceptable level.

The participants of the Conference included: ICAO, the Interstate Council, IAC, EASA leaders, representatives of IATA, Airbus, the Boeing Company, international organizations, leading specialists from the CAAs of the states of the region, Russian and European airlines, airports, as well as air navigation services, aviation training centers and profile educational institutions. Altogether – more than 220 aviation specialists from 16 States.

The final day of the Conference work included presentations devoted to the following subjects:

- A Data driven approach to EBT Instructor Training and Standardization (Capt. Christopher Ranganathan, Canada)

- Application of EBT Principles for Instructors (Capt. Simon Henderson, Australia)

- Lufthansa EBT Module Day 1 and Day 2 (Capt. Richard Lenz, Germany)

- IATA CBTA Solutions (Capt. Yann Renier, Canada)

- CBTA/EBT Instructor Training (Capt. Eric Denoux, France)

- Instructor Concordance Assurance Program (ICAP) and the future role of pilot training data (Capt. Andy Mitchell, Spain).

Beginning from November 2020 CBTA/EBT training became the ICAO standard for the implementation in the states. In this connection the participants of the videoconference highly appreciated its significance and noted the importance of the regular exchange of experience in the introduction of the new technologies and methods of the flight and instructor personnel training in the states of our region. Aviation specialists also emphasized the value of the experience of the foreign colleagues, which had familiarized the listeners with the peculiarities of the training methodics’ application in different airlines, perspectives and difficulties of the transition to the new personnel training system.

Attached documents:

ICAO Moscow - ICAP the Future of Pilot Training Data v1.02.pdf (1.75 MB)

2020.11.26 YREN EBT Instructor workshop for CIS final.pdf (2.51 MB)

cbta_instructor_training_final.pdf (9.43 MB)

EBT@DLH 2020_11_16.pdf (924.02 KB)

ICAO CBTA_EBT Russia Nov 2020.pdf (1.18 MB)