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Third video conference "Priorities of activities and measures for support of civil aviation during the period of recovery from pandemic and its aftermath"

On June 11, 2021 - Interstate Council on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace, Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) jointly with ICAO hold the third international video conference online "Priorities of activities and measures for support of civil aviation during the period of recovery from pandemic and its afternath".   

The conference was organized within the framework of the ICAO-IAC Project RER/01/901 "Development of operational safety and continuing airworthiness for state-members of international Agreement" aimed at development of practical proposals for supporting aviation industries of state members of the Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace on terms of overcoming crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic. 

The leaders of IAC, Interstate Council, ICAO, ICAO Regional Office, representatives of IATA and Airbus Company, as well as heads of aviation authorities of states of the region, leading specialists of airlines, airports, medical sanitary and epidemiological services, etc. took part in the video conference. 

The purpose of the third video conference was to represent already implemented measures to protect air passengers and aviation personnel under pandemic conditions, to assess possible prospects and time scales for recovery and furhter development of air communication in the region and future measures of financial and economic support of the industry. 

The conference provided the opportunity for participants to exchange the best practices and discuss new ideas of industry support and recovery. Heads and experts of aviation authorities of the states of the region took active part in discussion of the reports focusing their attention on the experience of overcoming the crisis in their states. 

Experts of IAC, ICAO and IATA presented reports on current issues of civil aviation in the context of ongoing coronovirus pandemic.

●       Implementation of ICAO CART Phase III (Council's Aviation Recovery Task Force)

●       ICAO Visible Digital Seals (VDS): for travel-related health evidence 

●    Updating ICAO Doc. 10152-v2 "Manual on Testing and Cross-border Risk Management". Information on testing, vaccination and Public Health Corridors. 

●      Information on the state of air traffic and opening of the borders of the States parties to the Agreements on Civil Aviaiton and Use of AIrspace. 

●       IATA Travel Pass

●       Further action to support civil aviation 

●       Achieved results in the field of air traffic in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic 

●       Implementation of measures and recommendation of previous conferences in the States parties to the Agreement 

Formation of the updated package of initiatives and measures to address challenges facing civil aviation has become the most valuable result. This package of measures will be sent to national governments, aviation authorities, airlines and their associations. 

The video conference was highly appreciated by the participants, its importance and relevance for the region development was emphasized. Representatives of aviation authorities of States parties to the Agreement expressed their gratitude for the provided material emphasizing its significance for the strategy for recovering national aviation industries. 

Attached documents:

02-Economic impact.pdf (1.37 MB)

03-ICAO-IAC Web Conference 11JUN21 ICAO_CART Ph3 update.pdf (1.24 MB)

04-VDS for EUR NAT.pdf (698.01 KB)

05-CAPSCA EUR IAC 11.06.21.pdf (1.31 MB)

06-Козлова СВ слайды к 1106.pdf (588.22 KB)

07-IATA Travel Pass_JUN2021_RU.pdf (1.13 MB)

08_Перспективы восстановления, расширения и развития авиасообщения в регионе.pdf (2.96 MB)

09-IAC - Air Cargo Initiatives.pdf (316.44 KB)