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About the conference "Cooperation in support of safe and sustainable recovery of civil aviation activities"

On June 18, 2021 within the framework of the ICAO-IAC Project RER/01/901 "Development of operational safety and continuing airworthiness in the member-states of the Agreement" the Interstete Aviation Committee jointly with IATA held a conference "Cooperation in support of safe and sustainable recovery of civil aviation activities". 

IAC management, representatives of the ICAO European and North-Atlantic Office, IATA management and experts, Airbus Company experts, leading airlines of the states of our region took part in the conference. 

The topics covered were:

·        Flight safety and continuing airworthiness under the auspices of ICAO Technical cooperation Programmes (Project RER/01/901) 2001-2021

·        Target exceptions and practical conclusions of the States with regard to flight safety risk management 

·        Aircraft parking, storage and return to service 

·        Flight safety risks in recovery from COVID-19 

·        Tough time in airline history and practical way out 

The conference provided information on dealing the issues of flight safety development, annual IATA flight safety report, discussion of current issues on a systematic approach to flight safety development and IATA aviation safety strategy which included such aspects as: 

·        Leadership in flight safety 

·        Flight safety risks - IATA safety risk management framework 

·    Coordination in the field of flight safety - Significance of international cooperation with effective bilateral cooperation 

The conference was attended by more than 140 experts from 40 States-parties to the Agreement and other countries, as well as representatives of aviation authorities, airlines, airports, international organizations, research institutes and tourism industry. 

The scope of the conference arosed great interest of the participants who took an active part in discussion of presented reports on such topics as addressing the problems of ensuring flight safety under pandemic conditions, features of aviation specialists training and retraining related to grounding order, best practices of ensuring flight safety and effective risk management. The participants noted that the conference is important for the following development of the region.