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IAC has participated in the CAPSCA EUR-MID/09 conference on COVID-19

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) took part in the ninth meeting of the “Collaborative Agreement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation (CAPSCA EUR - MID / 09)”.

Ideas, strategies and experiences in public health in civil aviation were discussed during CAPSCA EUR-MID / 09 online meeting that was held 7-9 December 2021. Delegates from 71 states of the ICAO EUR/NAT and MID region, representatives of international organizations attended the event.

Being a member of CAPSCA EUR and the coordinator for interaction with civil aviation authorities and public health authorities in the Member States of the Agreement, IAC initiated the entry of the CIS states into the CAPSCA Program. At the meeting, representatives of the IAC made a presentation on the subject "Coordination role of the Interstate Aviation Committee in the public health issues in civil aviation of the member States of the Agreement."

Information on the prospects for the activation of the CAPSCA program and the organization of public health corridors, issues of sanitary and epidemiological support in air transport was provided in the presentation.

In order to enhance interagency interaction in planning events and assessing preparedness in the management of events in the field of public health in civil aviation, within the framework of the technical assistance mechanism proposed by CAPSCA, IAC has implemented this mechanism on-line. The work carried out made it possible to strengthen the sanitary and epidemiological preparedness in the civil aviation of the Member States of the Agreement.

IAC continues to make efforts towards resuming safe air traffic.