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About holding Competency-based Training and Assessment (CBTA)/Evidence-based Training (EBT) Workshop

On 19-20 October 2022 Competency-based Training and Assessment (CBTA)/Evidence-based Training (EBT) Workshop was held by ICAO, the Interstate Council on Aviation and Airspace Use (the Interstate Council) and the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) within the framework of the ICAO-IAC Project “Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness in the Member States of the Agreement.”

The participants of the workshop included more than 150 specialists from 8 states, including ICAO, IAC, IATA experts, specialists from the CAAs of the states of the region, leading airlines, airports, aircraft manufacturers, training centers, aviation universities of the region and representatives of the international organizations.

In the course of the workshop the participants were able to assess the possibilities of the implementation of the ICAO provisions on CBTA not only in the aircraft flight crews training, but also in the training of other aviation specialists, to get acquainted with the international experience of CBTA implementation and to discuss the peculiarities of the introduction of advanced technologies of the aviation personnel training in the states of our region.

During the workshop the participants were presented the reports on the following topics:

  • ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices for pilot’s CBTA;

  • ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices for ATC controllers and engineering staff;

  • CBTA/EBT IATA Perspective;

  • CBTA/EBT Implementation Roadmap in CIS countries;

  • Competency-based Approach to the Assessment of the Pilots’ Work in Flight Conditions. Electronic Line Checklist;

  • Integration of training and flight safety data into a dynamic training programme;

  • Problems of the competency-based approach implementation in the initial pilots’ training in the educational institutions of civil aviation in the Russian Federation. Scientific methods used in the competency-based approach implementation;

  • Manual on Competency-based Training and Assessment for Aircraft Maintenance Personnel (Doc 10098);

  • Guidance on a Competency-based Approach to Dangerous Goods Training and Assessment (Doc 10147);

  • CBTA in the unmanned aerial vehicles operator training;

  • Recommendations for the development and implementation of the competency-based training of the ATC personnel;

  • Single-Pilot Resource Management (SRM). Competency-based training and assessment (CBTA) implementation for general aviation pilots.

During the workshop, discussion of the presented reports was held in the frame of the round table. The participants of the workshop highly appreciated the presentations made by the specialists of the leading airlines of our region on the successful CBTA/EBT standard implementation, experience in the development of their own approaches and methods for pilots’ training and assessment in accordance with ICAO SARPs. The report devoted to the results of the scientific-research work aimed at solving the problems of the CBTA approaches implementation within the framework of the curricula of the universities of the states of the region aroused great interest. The participants of the workshop supported the proposal of the aircraft manufacturer representatives on the need to develop and implement additional requirements for simulators in order to improve the competencies of civil aviation pilots within the framework of the CBTA/EBT approach.

The peculiarities of the competency-based approach introduction for the training of qualified personnel in various activity directions of the aviation industry were also actively discussed.

The participants of the workshop emphasized the need to hold separate workshops on the CBTA principles introduction for specialists of the aircraft maintenance organizations, ATM, unmanned aviation systems operators and for the teaching and flight instructor staff of the universities. The listeners supported further scientific research with the participation of specialists from flight schools, as well as from the airlines.

After the completion of the workshop the participants noted the high level of the event organization and the practical significance of the presented materials.

Attached documents:

01-02 ICAO provisions on CBT_v2.pdf (888.14 KB)

01-04 H__EBT_CBTA_EBT Workshops_BAKU_CBTA_EBT_WORKSHOP_18_10_2022_FARADZHEV_BAKU_19_10_22.pdf (652.31 KB)

01-05 Электронный Акт КП.pdf (456.34 KB)

01-07 Writers Panel.pdf (1.31 MB)

01-08 Презентация-УИГА-Когут С.В., Косачевский С.Г., Фролова Л.И..pdf (1.21 MB)

02-02 Авиатор_Руководство_по_CBTA_для_персонала_по_ТО_Doc_10098.pdf (1.85 MB)

02-03 Руководство по компетентностному подходу в подготовке и оценке.pdf (311.45 KB)

02-04 2022-10-17 МАК СВТА.pdf (192.73 KB)

02-05 Slidepack COJAX.pdf (647.31 KB)

02-07 CBTA Workshop Baku IATA 2.0.pdf (687.73 KB)

02-08 Презентация_БАКУ_АОН.pdf (737.13 KB)