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Happy New Year greetings from the IAC Chairperson

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Dear colleagues,

The year 2023 is the 100th anniversary of civil aviation in our region!

Over this enormous period millions of professionals - pilots and airwomen, engineers and technicians, stewards and stewardesses, airport and airfield workers, air traffic control personnel have gone from the first planes of plywood and perkala to the most modern aircraft, airports and ATC facilities. In peacetime and during the Second World War, professionalism, dedication to their profession and work, and often true heroism, perseverance and courage have always distinguished the employees of our industry and allowed to achieve their goals and highest results!

We are entering 2023 against the background of the changed geopolitical «landscape». Political and financial developments in the world undoubtedly pose new challenges to civil aviation, but I am convinced that our industry will address them effectively.

Interstate Aviation Committee has always acted in the interests of all States parties to the Interstate Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace for 31 years of its activity, and has contributed to improving aviation safety, sustainable operation of aviation, its technological and professional development. Maintaining multidimensional integration in the post-Soviet space has always been a priority of our organization. This has been particularly evident in recent years, during the pandemic. It was IAC that organized the first international conferences on crisis management and industry support during the period of restrictions. Participation in ICAO-IAC conferences and seminars has increased significantly. In total, more than 15,000 aviation experts were trained according to international standards and received additional professional knowledge. A number of research activities have been carried out, including epedemic response.

We all traditionally understand the New Year as a family holiday. But in addition to our relatives and friends, we have a huge multimillion-dollar family of aviators of our region and the world.

Happy New Year to all aviators! Traditionally I wish clear sky, «soft landings», health, kindness and well-being to you and your families and our common «aviation family»!

IAC Chairman

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor, Honored Worker of Science, Academician, Laureate of the Highest Award of ICAO

Tatiana Anodina