Mi-171 RA-22463 09.01.2009

Accident date09.01.2009
Investigation statusInvestigation is finished
Aircraft registration numberRA-22463
Place of aircraft departure
Airport of departure
Intended destination
Intended Airport of arrival
Accident sitein the area of Kosh-Agach locality
Aircraft typeМи-171
Serial №
Aircraft operator
Aircraft ownerGazpromavia Airlines enterprise
The date of the completion of the investigation (report)
Number of fatalities7
Victims accuracy
Degree of aircraft destruction
Aviation type
Works type

12 january 2009

     According to the information of the Chairperson of the Investigation team of the fatal accident with Mi-171 RA-22463 helicopter operated by "Gazpromavia" airline Yachmenev G.A. FDR and CVR recorders were detected at the accident site.

12 january 2009

     The Interstate Aviation Committee informs that the IAC Investigation team of the fatal accident with Mi-171 RA-22463 helicopter operated by "Gazpromavia" Airlines has been formed in full accordance with Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation regulations and proceeded to the field phase of the investigation. Representatives of Federal Air Transport Agency, Federal Air Navigation Service and other civil aviation experts participate in the Investigation team work.
     Official information about the Investigation team work and related results will be published at the Interstate Aviation Committee web-site.

13 january 2009

     Flight recorders of flight parameters and crew communications recording of Mi-171 RA-22463 helicopter operated by "Gazpromavia Aviation" crashed near Kosh-Agach locality on January 9, 2009 were delivered to the Interstate Aviation Committee on January 13.
      IAC experts carried out work on flight recorders examination, opening and proceeded to records decoding.

14 january 2009

      The Interstate Aviation Committee informs that both flight recorders of Mi-171 RA-22463 helicopter contain helicopter flight data for January 9, 2009.
      Preliminary FDR data analysis revealed that helicopter engines were operable up to the moment of helicopter collision with ground surface.
      Activities on flight data decoding and analysis are in progress.

03 february 2009

     Investigation team of the Interstate Aviation Committee which includes official representatives of Federal Air Transport Agency has completed the field phase of the investigation of the fatal accident with Mi-171 RA-22463 helicopter owned by Tomsk branch of "Gazpromavia" Aviation Company Ltd occurred on 09.01.2009 in 43 km from Kosh-Agach locality...
      In course of the field phase of the investigation the Investigation team performed full range of activities at the accident site, sketch-maps of the accident site were made, pattern and sequence of helicopter structure destruction were analyzed. Helicopter was evacuated for safe storage to Peski Airport, Kolpashevo, Tomsk region.
      Operational and maintenance documentation analysis determining crew training and flight preparation was performed. Onboard and ground recorders data was decoded, synchronized and analyzed. Helicopter path was constructed using onboard GPS receiver data.
      According to full range of activities it was determined that helicopter flight mass and balance did not exceed specified limits. No failures in helicopter systems and engines were identified.
      Evaluation of actual weather at the accident moment: variable wind 2-3 m/s, visibility 20 km, 1-2 upper clouds octant, temperature 26-280С below zero.
      At the time of the accident a passenger who was the pilot of Mi-8 helicopter was on right pilot seat. Staff co-pilot and other passengers at the accident moment were in the passenger cabin.
      The accident occurred at 12:11 local time after collision with a mountain about 3000 meters during run attempt to perform hovering.
      The Investigation team continues its work on investigating causes and factors of abnormal case occurrence and development on helicopter board. 

11 june 2009

     In accordance with Standards of International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and based on clause 2.6.3 of Civil Aviation Accidents and Incidents Investigation in Russian Federation the Interstate Aviation Committee brings official information on investigation results of the fatal accident with Mi-171 RA-22463 helicopter of Toms branch "Aviation enterprise "Gazpromavia" occurred on January 9, 2009 near Kosh-Agach locality, Republic of Altai. Full text of final report on the investigation results is attached.
      Interstate Aviation Committee emphasizes again that this report is issued with the sole purpose of preventing accidents and not ascertaining someone's guilt or responsibility.
      Criminal case on the fact of fatal accident is conducted by the Head Investigation Office of the Investigation Committee attached to the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.