А-22ЛС RA-1683G 16.08.2016

Accident date16.08.2016
Investigation status
Aircraft registration numberRA-1683G
Place of aircraft departure
Airport of departure
Intended destination
Intended Airport of arrival
Accident siteat a distance of 86,5km from Uray town (Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District - YuGRA)
LatitudeN 60°28.749'
LongitudeE 063°23.681'
Aircraft typeA-22LS
Serial №
Aircraft operator"Siberian aerial forest protection base" Ltd
Aircraft ownerPrivate person
The date of the completion of the investigation (report)03.11.2016
Number of fatalities1
Victims accuracy
Degree of aircraft destructionaircraft substantially damaged

report_ra-1683g.pdf (2.15 MB)

Aviation typeCommercial
Works type

17 august 2016

The accident with Aeroprakt A-22L RA-1683G aircraft owned by "Siberian aerial forest protection base" Ltd occurred at a distance of 85 km from Uray town (Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District - YuGRA, RF) on August 16, 2016. According to the available information two crew members were on board, one of them was killed, the second one was injured, the aircraft was destroyed. 

The Interstate Aviation Committee has assigned the Investigation team of the accident in accordance with the Russian Aviation Legislation. The Investigation team has started its work. 

09 november 2016

The Interstate Aviation Committee Investigation team has completed the investigation of the accident with A-22LS (FVSP) RA-1683G aircraft owned by "Siberian aerial forest protection base", Ltd occurred in the Tyumen region on August 16, 2016.

Most probably the accident with A-22LS (FVSP) RA-1683G aircraft was caused by its stall at low altitude due to speed loss during aerial protection of forest against fire by crew.

Most probably the accident was caused by combination of the following factors:

-          PIC distraction from speed monitoring during forest fire inspection;

-          descending below specified minimum safe altitude that didn't allow PIC to recover the aircraft from stall; 

-          significant turbulence caused by strong updrafts and downdrafts above fire point.   

No artificial stall warning (annunciation or aural warning) at this aircraft. 

The appropriate safety recommendations based on the investigation results were developed.