AN-2 RA-84566 18.09.2016

Accident date18.09.2016
Investigation status
Aircraft registration numberRA-84566
Place of aircraft departure
Airport of departure
Intended destination
Intended Airport of arrival
Accident sitein the area of Tatarskoe Uraikino locality of the Ulyanovsk region
Aircraft typeAN-2
Serial №
Aircraft operator
Aircraft owner"Avia-partner" Ltd
The date of the completion of the investigation (report)04.09.2017
Number of fatalities0
Victims accuracy
Degree of aircraft destructionaircraft substantially damaged

report_ra-84566.pdf (1.51 MB)

Aviation typeGA
Works type

19 september 2016

The accident with An-2 Ra-84566 aircraft owned by "Avia-partner" Ltd occurred in the area of Tatarskoe Uraikino locality of the Ulyanovsk region on September 18, 2016. According to the available information the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

The Interstate Aviation Committee has assigned the Investigation team of the accident in accordance with the Russian Aviation Legislation. The Investigation team has started its work.

12 september 2017

Investigation team of the Interstate Aviation Committee has completed the investigation of the accident with An-2 RA-84566 aircraft owned by Aviapartner, Ltd occurred in the Ulyanovsk region (RF) on 17.09.2016.

Most probably, the accident with An-2 RA-84566 aircraft was caused by the destruction of the nose gear mount attachment bolted-type connection resulted from one-time off-design load as a result of obstacle in-flight collision occurred during  the areal works performance, that resulted in the separation of the mount attachment from the fuselage in course of landing. Thereby the gear design integrity was broken that resulted in the fuselage damage.

Most probably, the contributing factors were: 

  • violation of An-2 AFM, Chapter 2, Minimum cabin crew, which specifies a two-member crew when performing the areal works:
  • violation of FAR-128, item 7.4 according to which the flights during the chemical treatment of flat areas (fields, gardens, vinelands, etc.) should be performed at a hight not lower than 5 m.

In violation of the Air Code of the Russian Federation, article 96, the aircraft owner provided to the Investigation team neither the PIC information, nor the aircraft documentation.

Appropriate safety recommendations based on the investigation results were developed. .