Accident date21.08.2019
Investigation statusInvestigation is active
Aircraft registration numberRA-0161A
Place of aircraft departure
Airport of departure
Intended destination
Intended Airport of arrival
Accident sitein Cherepovetsky district, Vologoda region, Soyvolovskaya village (RF)
Serial №
Aircraft operatorPrivate person
Aircraft ownerPrivate person
The date of the completion of the investigation (report)
Number of fatalities1
Victims accuracyfinal
Degree of aircraft destructionaircraft substantially damaged
Aviation type
Works type

22 august 2019

On 21.08.2019 in Cherepovetsky District, Vologoda region (Soyvolovskaya village), RF the accident (fatal accident) involving CAVALON COMMANDER RA-0161A private FVSP gyroplane occurred. According to the available information, during flight the aircraft collision with PTL occurred, it fell  into a lake and sank down. The PIC was killed.  

The Interstate Aviation Committee has formed the Investigation team in accordance with the Russian Aviation Legislation. The Investigation team has  started its work.

27 august 2019

On 23.08.2019 after the arrival to the accident site the Investigation Team found out that the aircraft involved in the accident is not the CAVALON COMMANDER RA-0161А single-built gyroplane and has no state and/or register identification. Therefore it is not possible to unambiguously identify the type of aviation (civil, state or experimental) to which the aircraft belongs, as well as its national identity. Thus, in accordance with Russian legislation the Interstate Aviation Committee is not authorized to conduct the investigation of this event.