С-2 УТ "Sintal" RA-0660G 13.09.2015

Accident date13.09.2015
Investigation status
Aircraft registration numberRA-0660G
Place of aircraft departureMikhalkovo landing place
Airport of departure
Intended destinationMikhalkovo landing place
Intended Airport of arrival
Accident sitein Alexandro-Nevsky District of the Ryazanskaya region
Latitude53°31ʹ40ʺ NL
Longitude040°26ʹ46ʺ EL
Aircraft typeS-2 "Sintal"
Serial №0215
Aircraft operator"Tyazhpressmash" JSC
Aircraft owner"Tyazhpressmash" JSC
The date of the completion of the investigation (report)20.04.2016
Number of fatalities1
Victims accuracy
Degree of aircraft destructionaircraft substantially damaged

report_ra-0660g.pdf (1.19 MB)

Aviation typeGA
Works typeAerial pest control works

15 september 2015

     The accident with S-2 UT (FVSP) RA-0660G aircraft owned by "Tyazhpressmash" JSC occurred in Alexandro-Nevsky District, Ryazanskaya region (RF) on September 13, 2015. According to the available information the pilot on board was killed.
     The Interstate Aviation Committee has assigned the Investigation team of the accident in accordance with the Russian Aviation Legislation. The Investigation team has started its work.

25 april 2016

The Investigation team of the Interstate Aviation Committee has completed the investigation of the accident with S-2 UT "Sintal" RA-0660G FVSP aircraft owned by "TYAZHPRESSMASH" JSC occurred in the Ryazan region (RF) on September 13, 2015.

Most probably the accident with  S-2UT "Sintal" RARA-0660G aircraft was caused by PIC's erroneous actions during turn maneuver that resulted in speed loss, aircraft high angles of attack and stalling mode followed by aircraft ground impact.

Probable factors contributing to the emergency situation in the air are:

- non-compliance with limitations specified by FOM of S-2UT "Sintal" FVSP aircraft on maximum take-off weight, speed, altitude and rolling during crop-dusting operations;

- non-compliance with "Provisions on features of duty and rest-time of CA aircraft crew members of the Russian Federation", Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation order from November 21, 2005 № 139 in part of allowable flight time during crop-dusting operation with high-toxic and toxic substances;

- stall warning system at the aircraft was inoperative from the time of its installation on aircraft board due to its incorrect assembly and couldn't give information on aircraft stalling angles approach.       

The appropriate safety recommendations based on the investigation results were developed.