IAC laboratory

Commission on scientific and technical support of accident investigation (Laboratory, Scientific and technical center) is the IAC structural subdivision; it carries out activities in the following areas:

In order to ensure implementation of work in these areas the Laboratory created 5 divisions entrusted with the following functions:

Historically the IAC laboratory originates from research laboratory established within the USSR State Supervisory Commission for Flight Safety in 1987 and since then it has accumulated the richest scientific and technical potential of that time by brining the team of highly professional investigators. The IAC laboratory has had the richest database and archive in aircraft accidents since the 1980s.

The IAC laboratory is modern center competence of Eurasian region in the field of flight recorders data processing and analysis, researches in the field of human factor, flight safety technologies.

The IAC laboratory is one of the 7 recognized world centers of flight recorders data decoding with unique technology set and high professional specialists having the richest practice. The Laboratory specialists are in constant contact with colleagues from other laboratories worldwide and they exchange their best practices on a regular basis.