Zodiak-650 RA-2352G 07.06.2015

Accident date07.06.2015
Investigation status
Aircraft registration numberRA-2352G
Place of aircraft departure
Airport of departure
Intended destination
Intended Airport of arrival
Accident siteУдаление 2,2 км, магнитный азимут 73 ° от посадочной площадки «Незлобная»
Aircraft typeЗодиак-650
Serial №
Aircraft operator
Aircraft ownerprivate person
The date of the completion of the investigation (report)15.10.2015
Number of fatalities1
Victims accuracy
Degree of aircraft destructionaircraft destroyed

report_ra-2352g.pdf (862.24 KB)

Aviation typeGA
Works type

08 june 2015

The accident with Zodiak-650 RA-2352G single-built private aircraft occurred near Nezlobnaya landing site, Georgiyevsky District, Stavropol Territory (RF) on June 7, 2015. According to the available information the pilot on board was killed, the aircraft was destroyed.    

The Interstate Aviation Committee has assigned the Investigation team of this accident in accordance with the Russian Aviation Legislation. The Investigation team has started its work.

26 october 2015

      The Investigation team of the Interstate Aviation Committee has completed the investigation of the accident with «Zodiak 650 VL» RA-2352G single-built private aircraft occurred in the Stavropol Territory (RF) on June 7, 2015.
      Fatal accident with «Zodiak 650 VK» (FVSP) RA-2352G aircraft, which didn't have the Certificate of Airworthiness was caused by the known inoperable engine failure after unintentional aircraft liftup from unpaved RWY during engine test and forced take-off.
      Most probably the failure was caused by malfunction of digital engine control unit. Due to the digital engine control unit destruction during ground fire it wasn't possible to determine its malfunction cause.
      Lack of piloting skills did not allow the FVSP owner to perform safe landing.
      The appropriate safety recommendations based on the investigation results were developed.