RRJ-95B RA-89098 05.05.2019

Accident date05.05.2019
Investigation statusInvestigation is active
Aircraft registration numberRA-89098
Place of aircraft departure
Airport of departureSheremetyevo
Intended destination
Intended Airport of arrival
Accident siteat the Moscow Sheremetyevo international airport
Aircraft typeRRJ-95B
Serial №
Aircraft operatorAeroflot, PJSC
Aircraft ownerAeroflot, PJSC
The date of the completion of the investigation (report)
Number of fatalities41
Victims accuracyfinal
Degree of aircraft destructionaircraft substantially damaged

Interim Report (8.09 MB)

Aviation typeCommercial
Works type

06 may 2019

On 05.05.2019, at 18:30 local time (15:30 UTC) at Moscow Sheremetyevo international airport the fatal air accident occurred with RRJ-95B RA-89098 aircraft, owned by Aeroflot, PJSC.  According to the information available, there had been 5 crewmembers and 73 passengers on board. As the result of the air accident 1 crewmember and 40 passengers were killed. The aircraft had been partly burnt out.

In compliance with the provisions of ICAO Annex 13 Interstate Aviation Committee has formed the investigation team. The investigation team has started its work.

06 may 2019

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) informs that the IAC Investigation team continues its work at the accident site of RRJ-95B aircraft at Sheremetyevo airport. 

Experts proceeded to flight recorders investigation at the IAC laboratory.

Flight data recorder was exposed to high-temperature effect and sustained substantial damage. Cockpit voice recorder was in satisfactory condition.

Experts of IAC laboratory have conducted work on examination, dismantling and preparation of flight data recorders for data readout. All flight data were copied, prepared for decoding and analysis.

IAC Investigation team will draw up and issue preliminary report on the results of the Investigation team work with prompt safety recommendations in a 30-day period in compliance with Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

17 may 2019

The Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) Chairperson of the investigation Commission of the fatal accident involving RRJ-95B RA-89098 aircraft informs that the decoding of the accident and maintenance FDR data has been completed. The analysis of the received data is in progress.

The Investigation team sent the follow-up accident report to the address of Federal Air Transport Agency in accordance with the Russian Legislation.

IAC laboratory interacts with the Government Commission appointed to investigate fatal accident with Superjet RRJ-95B aircraft (tail number RA-89098) owned by Aeroflot - Russian Airlines PJSC occurred on 5 May 2019 in the Moscow region, to assist victims and their families, as well as to assist in elimination of the consequences of the crash in question. 

31 may 2019

Due to the recent mass media publications on investigation of the fatal accident with Superjet-100 aircraft operated by Aeroflot Russian Airlines the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) press-service infroms:

1. Information anf IAC position is always published at the official website. Statements of indivisual staff members are neither information, nor IAC position.  

2. Given the extreme reaction from Aeroflot Airlines the IAC will conduct the official investigation relating published materials.

3. IAC requests mass media to provide audio, video evidences of published statements made by V.D. Kofman. Provided that the IAC emphasizes that V.D. Kofman is not part of the Investigation team and not related to the investigation.

4. The investigation is conducted by the Investigation team established in accordance with the available IAC procedures. The Investigation team includes representatives from Aeroflot, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, Federal Air Transport Agency.  The Investigation team acts as an independent on the basis of International and Russian Regulations and investigation documents.

5. According to the information from the Chairman of the Investigation team, the work on analysis of decoding and other information, as well as on a preliminary report on the fatal accident, which will include the description of events and actions performed by the Investigation team by the 30-day deadline set by the rules is in progress.

6. In this regard, neither IAC nor other persons currently can not have reliable information about the establishment by the Investigation team of the causes of the fatal accident with Superjet-100 aircraft operated by of Aeroflot Russian Airlines.

05 june 2019

On 5 June 2019 the Chairman of the IAC Investigation Commission of the fatal accident involving RRJ-95B aircraft (registration RA-89098) owned by Aeroflot, PJSC occurred on 5 May 2018 in Sheremetyevo Airport reported to the Chairman of the Government Commission, Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Y. I. Deitrich and a number of members of Government Commission established to investigate the causes of the fatal accident and assist the victims and their families on the work of the Investigation team for the first 30 days since the fatal accident.   

The meeting was attended by the heads of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Transport, Rosaviatsia, Aeroflot PJSC and UAC PJSC.

The Investigation team includes experts from the Interstate Aviation Committee and representatives of Rosaviatsia, Aeroflot PJSC andSukhoi Civil Aircraft JSC.

The Investigation team work carried out in full compliance with international and Russian regulations and procedures included: field phase of the investigation at the accident site including sketch maps (scheme of the accident); examination of the aircraft debris; analysis of the received information and other necessary activities; decoding and analysis of of airborne recorders and ground-based recording facilities data, as well as video recordings of surveillance cameras conducted at the IAC laboratory using its technical and technological resources. Based on the data of flight recorders the complete flight reconstruction was presented with the reproduction of synchronized records of crew members speech between each other and with ATC services of Sheremetyevo Airport.

The Chairman of the Investigation team informed on the further studies planned within the framework of the Investigation team work. 

The Chairman of the Investigation team also reported on the main provisions of the Preliminary report prepared by the IAC Investigation team in accordance with Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (ICAO) and clause 2.4.12 of Rules of Investigation of Air Accidents and Incidents in the Russian Federation (PRAPI). In accordance with international and Russian practice, the report does not indicate the causes of the fatal accident. 

The draft of the Preliminary report (more than 100 pages) was discussed and adopted at the meeting of the Investigation team.

In accordance with clause 2.2.7 of PRAPI, the Investigation team previously prepared a Subsequent Report containing, among others, recommendations on improving flight safety for the aviation industry and operators, and forwarded it to Rosaviatsia and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia.

When discussing the Preliminary Report, all members of the Investigation team agreed that, at this stage of the investigation, the recommendations made by the Investigation team in the Subsequent Report are sufficient. In the course of further work, after receiving the results of the planned research and the results of the investigation, the Investigation team may also give other recommendations that will be sent to organizations provided by Russian legislation.

The Preliminary report will be published shortly after its final proof-reading reconciliation.

The IAC Investigation team continues its work in cooperation with the Government Commission.

04 may 2020

Investigator-in-charge (IIC) for the investigation of the accident involving RRJ-95 RA-89098 operated by Aeroflot - Russian Airlines (further referred as "Aeroflot") which occurred on 05.05.2019 in Sheremetyevo airport (Moscow, RF), provides the following information on the investigation status.

The investigation is carried out in accordance with ICAO Annex 13, Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation, to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (further referred as "Annex 13") and the Regulations on Civil Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigations in the Russian Federation, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 609, dated 18.06.1998 (further referred as "PRAPI").

The Investigation team, beside the IAC specialists, includes representatives of Rosaviatsia (FATA, the Russian CAA), Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company JSC (currently renamed into "Regional Aircraft – Branch of the Irkut Corporation", but within this investigation referred as "SCAC") and Aeroflot. The Investigation team consists of sub-teams and working groups which include specialists from IAC, Rosaviatsia, Aeroflot, Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Air Traffic Management Corporation of the Russian Federation", Gromov Flight Research Institute, Sheremetyevo (Alexander S. Pushkin) International Airport OJSC, S7 Engineering and Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring of Russia.

In accordance with Annex 13, BEA (France), BFU (Germany) and NTSB (USA)[1] accredited representatives are also participating in the investigation.

Annex 13 Standard 6.6 stipulates that if the report cannot be made publicly available within twelve months, the State conducting the investigation shall make an interim statement publicly available on each anniversary of the occurrence, detailing the progress of the investigation.. This press-release in particular is issued for the purpose to meet the said Standard requirements. The Preliminary Report was published at IAC website on June 14, 2019 and can be reached by the following link: https://mak-iac.org/upload/iblock/c01/report_ra-89098_pr_en.pdf.

To this date, the following works have been completed:

·       the field stage of the investigation, including the accident site wreckage layout mapping;

·       the examination of the recovered fragments of the aircraft;

·       the FDR & CVR and ATS data readout, decoding and analysis;

·       flight math modelling (simulation) including the assessment of the accident aircraft aerodynamic performance in comparison to the type-aircraft performance, as well as possible influence on aircraft performance of external factors;

·       the evaluation of compliance of flight simulator used by Aeroflot for crew training purposes to the type-aircraft performance;

·       the analysis of the previously registered cases of fly-by-wire control system in flight transition into DIRECT MODE on this aircraft type and the cases of hard landings;

·       the study and the analysis of the forensic medical examinations, as well as of the results of the questioning and investigative interviews of the survived passengers and crew members;

·       the analysis of the navigation and weather services provided for the accident flight;

·       the analysis of the flight crew members' psychological and personal characteristics. The full information required for the conduct of this work was provided by the Operator only at the end of February 2020.

On the decision of the Investigation team, some of the aircraft units and components were removed from the aircraft for examinations; including the components containing non-volatile memory (NVM) which can provide additional flight data.

To this date, the following examinations have been performed together with components' design and manufacturing companies and with the participation of the accredited representatives of Germany, France and the USA:

·       airframe and aircraft components post-accident examinations for the presence of lightning strike traces were performed by the team of the IAC, SCAC, Aeroflot and Rosaviatsia experts;

·       EIU-100 (Electronic Interface Unit) examinations were performed at the Aviapribor-service JSC facilities (Moscow, RF) and at the JSC Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau facilities (Ulyanovsk, RF) with the participation of the IAC, Rosaviatsia, SCAC and Aeroflot experts;

·       FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control Unit) examinations were performed at BEA facilities (Le Bourget, France) by the unit manufacturer (Safran Electronics & Defense) together with the IAC and BEA specialists;

·       СРМ (Central Processing Module) examinations were performed at the unit manufacturer (Thales) facilities (Chatellerault, France) with the participation of the IAC and BEA specialists;

·       GCU (Generator Control Unit) and GAPCU (Generator Auxiliary Power Control Unit) examinations were performed at the unit manufacturer (Collins) facilities (Dijon, France) with participation of the IAC and BEA representatives;

·       VDR (VHF data radio) examinations were performed at the unit manufacturer (Thales) facilities (Brives, France) with the participation of the IAC and BEA specialists;

·       FSCU (Fuel System Control Unit) and FQIC (Fuel Quantity Indication Computer) examinations were performed at the unit manufacturer (Safran Aerosystems) facilities (Plaisir, France) with the participation of the IAC and BEA representatives;

·       examinations of the Twin Motor Actuators' responsible for fuel cutoff were performed at the unit manufacturer (Safran Aerosystems) facilities (Roche-la-Moliere, France) with the participation of the IAC and BEA specialists;

·       examinations of the left-hand side stick and of the 6 МАСЕ control units were performed at the manufacturer (Liebherr-Aerospace GmbH) facilities (Lidenberg, Germany) with the participation of IAC and BFU representatives;

·       airborne weather radar computer NVM data were downloaded by the IAC and SCAC specialists. The data downloading was performed in accordance with the procedure, established by the computer designer (Honeywell, USA). The data decoding and analysis were conducted with the participation of the NTSB and Honeywell specialists.

To this date, the following examinations are being conducted or scheduled but not completed:

·       the FPC (Fire Protection Unit) examinations: the examinations will be performed at the unit manufacturer (Curtiss-Wright) facilities (Santa Clarita, USA) as soon as the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are removed;

·       the analysis of post-landing fire origin and propagation scenario: the examinations are currently being performed by Saint Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia;

·       the analysis of the airplane structure destruction scenario, in particular of the landing gear and the wing areas where the fuel tanks are located, as well as the assessment of landing gear attachments' safety pins (weak links) actual performance characteristics and their compliance with the design requirements. The analysis will be performed by the investigation team on receiving the results of the modelling (evaluation) of the dynamic loads affecting the landing gear system which is being performed by the landing gear manufacturer (Safran LS, France).

As per PRAPI para 2.7.15 and best international practice, the Final Report shall not be issued nor published until all the examinations' reports have been received and analyzed.

The Final Report on the results of the current accident investigation will be prepared by the investigation team on completion of all scheduled works.

Complying with all the sanitary and epidemiological restrictions, established at both the Federal and Moscow levels (as the IAC headquarters is located in Moscow), the Investigation team and the IAC are maintaining continuous operation and are taking all the possible measures on completing the works on the present investigation in the nearest possible time. For the corrective measures implementation, all the hazards, revealed in course of investigation, are immediately provided to the involved parties including Rosaviatsia – the authority that has issued the type certificate for the RRJ-95 aircraft.

At the same time, it should be mentioned that the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, established in all the other states and organizations, involved in the current investigation, have a significant effect on the investigation works' completion.

[1] The IAC has MOUs in the field of accident investigation and prevention with the mentioned organizations.

11 may 2021

It is the update by the Investigator-in-charge on the investigation progress of the air accident to the Aeroflot, PJSC RRJ-95B RA-89098 aircraft that occurred on May 5, 2019 at the Sheremetyevo airport (Moscow, Russian Federation).

The investigation of the subject accident is being conducted in compliance with ICAO Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation “Aircraft accident and incident investigation”, hereinafter referred as Annex 13, and “Regulations on the accident and incident investigation with the civil aircraft in Russian Federation”, approved by the Russian Federation Government Decision of June 18, 1998 # 609.

Apart of the Interstate Aviation Committee experts, the representatives of the Federal Air Transport Agency, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft[1] and Aeroflot, PJSC are the members of the investigation team as well. The investigation sub teams and working groups integrate the Interstate Aviation Committee, Federal Air Transport Agency, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, JSC, Aeroflot, PJSC, State Air Traffic Management Corporation, FSUE, Gromov Flight Research Institute, JSC, Sheremetyevo International Airport, JSC, S7 Engineering, Federal Service of Russia for Hydrometeorology and Monitoring of the Environment Main Aeronautical Meteorological Center, FSBI experts.

In compliance with ICAO Annex 13, the BEA (France), BFU (Germany) and NTSB (USA) Accredited Representatives participate in the investigation activities [2].

The ICAO Annex 13 Standard 6.6 prescribes that if the report cannot be made publicly available within twelve months, the State conducting the investigation shall make an interim statement publicly available on each anniversary of the occurrence, detailing the progress of the investigation and any safety issues raised. This press release is issued inter alia to comply with the mentioned Standard. The Preliminary Report on the results of the investigation was issued on June 14, 2019 at the official MAK-IAC website https://mak-iac.org/upload/iblock/4e4/report_ra-89098_pr.pdf. On May 4, 2020, at one year from the accident date, the press release on the investigation progress was issued as well.

In addition to the activities, listed at the press release of May 4, 2020, as of today, the investigation team have carried out (completed) the works and examination as follows:

- the analysis of the simulation of the loads, having been applied on the landing gear elements, carried out by the Safran LS, France, landing gear system supplier;

- the analysis of the examination results of the assessment of the landing gear legs attachment fuse pins (weak links) actual properties and their compliance with the design requirements;

- the evaluation of the destruction sequence of the aircraft structure, with the special focus on the landing gear and wing at the area of the fuel tanks installation;

- the analysis of the outcome of the activities on the consistency assessment of the RRJ-95 aircraft type airborne weather radar indication and the Vnukovo ATC doppler weather radar display;

- the flight and cabin crew proficiency assessment;

- the ATC personnel proficiency and response assessment;

- the emergency and rescue carryout assessment;

- the investigation case of the air accident to the RRJ-95 RA-89011 aircraft that occurred on October 10, 2018 at the Yakutsk aerodrome, has been studied;

- the Technical Fire Report, drawn up by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Saint Petersburg State Firefighting Service University, has been studied.

Based on the studies of the Technical Fire Report, the investigation team have prepared and forwarded the technical requests to provide further information to the Saint-Gobain Sully S.A.S/France cabin windows and Collins Aerospace/USA passenger cabin interior designers. Upon receipt of the relevant information, the investigation team will have completed the activities on the analysis of the fire onset and propagation physics inside the aircraft passenger cabin.

At present, some of the following examinations are still in progress:

- the evaluation of the control capability by the flight crew of the RRJ-95 RA-89098 aircraft engines after the main landing gear legs fracture and the subsequent aircraft lowering on the engine nacelles;

- the examination of fire protection computers/FPC that were shipped by the investigation team to the Curtiss-Wright/USA manufacturer in June 2019. As informed by the NTSB representative the examination will be carried out at the manufacturer after the removal of the COVID-associated restrictions.

As per the “Regulations on the accident and incident investigation with the civil aircraft in Russian Federation” item 2.7.15 and the international practice it shall not be permitted to approve and issue the Final Report until all the examination reports are received.

Based on the results of the completion of all the activities the investigation team are preparing the draft Final Report that will be forwarded to the Accredited Representatives of all the participant States to the air accident investigation in question.

For the corrective actions to be taken all the hazards, identified in the course of the investigation, are promptly addressed to the concerned parties, including Federal Air Transport Agency, being the RRJ-95B aircraft type certificate issuing authority.

The timing of the investigation completion is significantly affected by the COVID-associated restrictions, introduced in all the participant States and organizations.

[1] Now the Irkut Corporation, PJSC Regional aircraft branch.

[2] With these States Intestate Aviation Committee has the Memorandums of Understanding for air accident investigation and prevention.