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About the accident with Р-20 "Ptenets-2P" RA-0350A aircraft

On 27.03.2019 in the area of Kubenskoye lake of the Vologda Region the accident with Р-20 "Ptenets-2P" RA-0350A FVSP private aircraft occurred.


About EURNAT- DGCA/2019 meeting

Delegation of the Interstate Aviation Council/IAC took part in the Forum of European and North Atlantic Directors General of Civil Aviation which was held om 19-20 March 2019 in the ICAO European and North-Atlantic (EUR/NAT) Office (Paris, France).


About the seminar “Safety Culture”

On march 4-5, 2019 the seminar “Safety Culture” was held in IAC within the framework of the ICAO/IAC Project RER/01/901 “Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness», organized by IAC in cooperation with IATA and “Airbus”.



The Interstate Aviation Committee took with deep grief the fatal accident with Boeing-737 aircraft operated by Ethiopian Airlines near Ethiopean town Debre Zeyit that killed 157 people from 35 states.


About the accident with С-72 «Оkhotnik» RA-2613G aircraft

On February 28th 2019 near Kolomna town, Moscow Region (RF), a fatal accident with the private S-72 «Okhotnik» RA-2613G aircraft occurred.


About the accident with Gulfstream G200 4K-AZ88 aircraft

On 26.02.2019 after landing at Sheremetyevo International Airport, an accident with the Gulfstream G200 4K-AZ88 aircraft operated by Silk Way Business Aviation (Baku) occurred.


About the Seminar “Human factor”

On February 5-8, 2019, a Seminar “Human factors” was held at the Interstate Aviation Committee...


About the accident with S-6 COYOT RA-2893G aircraft

On 20.01.2019 within 3 kilometers to the south from Shelanger village of Zvenigovsky region, Mari El Republic (RF) the accident (crash) with S-6 COYOT RA-2893G FVSP private aircraft occurred.