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About the completion of the investigation with RRJ-95 RA-89011 aircraft

The investigation of the accident involving RRJ-95 (model RRJ-95B) RA-89011 aircraft owned by Yakutia Airlines JSC has been completed. The investigation of the accident was conducted in compliance with Annex 13, "Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation", to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and with the Russian legislation regulations.


About the accident with Super Petrel LS RA-1576G single-built aircraft

According to the information received by the IAC on 06.10.2020, the accident involving Super Petrel LS RA-1576G private single-built aircraft occurred on 27.09.2020 near Mikhalchikovo village, Kostovsky district, Nizhny Novgorod region (RF).


About IAC participation in ICAO EUR/NAT online conference

On September 29 Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) participated in the ICAO EUR/NAT online conference on Sustainable Funding of States Civil Aviation Authorities during COVID-19 pandemic.


About the accident with Mi-2 RA-23731 helicopter

On 04.10.2020 in Srednekolymsky district, the Republic of Sakha Yakutia (RF) the accident involving Mi-2 RA-23246 private helicopter occurred. 


About the accident with VIRAZH В-1 RA-0376A single-built aircraft

On 04.10.2020 near Rodniki locality, Nikolsky district, Penza Region (RF) the accident involving VIRAZH В-1 RA-0376A private single-built aircraft occurred.


About Web-Conference «Anti-/De-icing of Aircraft»

On 29 September 2020 the international video-conference «Anti-/De-icing of Aircraft» was held by the Interstate Aviation Committee within the framework of the ICAO-IAC Project RER/01/901 «Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness in the Member States of the Agreement».


About the accident with BEKAS 103 RA-0285A single-built aircraft

On 24.09.2020 in Kamensky district, Tula Region, near Druzhba village (RF) the accident involving BEKAS 103 RA-0285A private single-built aircraft occurred. 


About the accident with Kedr RA-1549G single-built amphibian airplane

On 21.09.2020 near Ugut locality (100 km south of Surgut town, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area - Yugra, RF) the accident occurred...


About the resumption of regular flights

Interstate Council on Civil Aviation and Airspace Use (Interstate Council) and Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) welcome the decision of governments...


About the accident with C-2 Sintal RA-0931G single-built aircraft

On 18.09.2020 near Krasnoye Syundyukovo township, Ulyanovsk region (RF) the accident involving single-built aircraft occurred... 


About the accident with Mi-8Т RA-24532 helicopter

On 17.09.2020 at Ochaginskoye landing site (Magadan region) the accident involving Мi-8Т RA-24532 helicopter occurred...


About the accident with SpSt RA-2568G single-built aircraft

On 12.09.2020 near Dushonovo village, Moscow region (RF) the accident involving.. 


About the accidcent with X-32-912 Bekas RA-0291G single-built aircraft

On 11.09.2020 near Novonikolskoye village, Michurinsk district, Tambov region (RF) the accident involving...  


About the accident SKY RANGER-Severok RA-0250A single-built aircraft

On 21.08.2020 near meteorological station at Bely Nos cape (Nenets Autonomous Okrug, RF) the accident involving SKY RANGER-Severok RA-0250A single-built aircraft...


About the accident with R-44-II RA-04393 helicopter

On 26.08.2020 near Krasnaya Polyana township, RF the accident involving R-44-II RA-04393 helicopter occurred...


About the investigation progress of the accident with A321-211 VQ-BOZ aircraft

The Investigator-in-Charge (IIC) of the accident with A321-211 VQ-BOZ aircraft owned Ural Airlines JSC, which took place on 15 August, 2019 near Ramenskoye Airfield (Moscow region, RF), informs...


About the development of a set of measures for support of civil aviation enterprises of the region during the period of recovery from pandemic and its aftermath

On the basis of the results of the video conference held by the Interstate Council on Aviation and Use of Airspace on 8 July 2020 «Development of reasonable and realistic measures and mechanisms of possible support of civil aviation with regard to substantial travel restrictions adopted by the authorities of the countries», a set of measures for support of aviation enterprises of the region has been discussed and proposed.


About the accident with R-66 RA-06353 helicopter

On 04.08.2020, near the western side of Belukha Mountain (Altai Republic, RF), the accident involving R-66 RA-06353 helicopter owned by AltaiAvia LLC occurred.


About the accident with Poisk-06P RA-1711G single-built ultralight trike

On 04.08.2020 near Shalikovo village of the Moscow region, RF the accident involving Poisk-06P RA-1711G single-built ultralight trike owned by Moscow Region State Institution "Moscow Regional Fire and Rescue Service" (GU MO Mosoblspas) occurred.


About the accient with Cessna F-172-H RA-67551 aircraft

On 02.08.2020 near Streltsovo locality, Guryevsky urban district, Kaliningrad Region (RF) the accident occurred...