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Official information and position of the IAC on all issues are posted only on the website of the organization. Public speeches and publications of IAC employees are their expert opinions and may not coincide with the position of the IAC


About the accident with Mi-26Т RA-06268 helicopter

On 25.04.2020 at Rotor-40 landing site (Yamal Peninsula, RF) the accident involving Mi-26Т RA-06268 helicopter owned by Abakan Air Ltd occurred.


About the investigation progress of the accident with "Flying Fish" RA-2961G amphibian

The IAC Investigation team of the accident involving Flying fish RA-2961G FVSP amphibian continues its work the accident site at Kalinka landing site of the Khabarovsk Region of Khabarovsk Krai (RF). 


About the accident with Flying fish RA-2961G FVSP private aircraft

On 18.04.2020 near Kalinka Airport (Khabarovsky Krai, RF) the accident involving Flying fish RA-2961G FVSP private aircraft occurred. 


About the accident with Bell-206B-III RA-01917 helicopter

On 21.03.2020, at a distance of 3,5 km from the meteorological station on Konstantinovskiy cape in Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the accident involving Bell-206B-III RA-01917 private helicopter occurred. 


About the coronavirus outbreak and its impact on civil aviation

In the previous period and at present, states have adopted and are implementing multifaceted measures to protect citizens from the coronavirus outbreak...


About the accident with R-44 RA-04246 helicopter

On 28.02.2020 in Astrakhan Region (RF) the accident involving R-44 RA-04246 helicopter owned by Aerosoyuz Volgograd Ltd occurred.


About the accident with R-44-II RA-06314 helicopter

On 20.02.2020 near Veskovo locality of the Yaroslavl Region (RF) the accident involving R-44-II RA-06314 private helicopter occurred.


About the accident with An-2Т RA-40642 aircraft

On 20.02.2020 near Magadan-13 landing site (Magadan oblast, RF) the accident involving An-2Т RA-40642 aircraft, owned by T-Cement, LLC, occurred.


About special course on the construction of the newest in the civil aviation A350 aircraft

Within the framework of the ICAO-IAC Project RER/01/901 “Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness in the Member States of the Agreement” in the period from...


About the accident with Mi-8АМТ RA-24636 helicopter

On 14.02.2020 near Sabetta International Airport (Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Districtt, RF) the accident involving Mi-8АМТ RA-24636 helicopter occurred...


About the accident with Boeing 737-500 VQ-BPS aircraft

On 09.02.2020, at Usinsk Airport, the Komi Republic (RF), the accident involving Boeing 737-500 VQ-BPS aircraft, operated by UTair JSC, occurred...


About the accident with Bell-407 RA-01893 helicopter

On 07.02.2020, near Laishevo, the Republic of Tatarstan, RF,  on the ice of the Kuibyshev Reservoir...


About the epidemic caused by coronavirus (NCOV) in China

The epidemiological situation in the world remains complex. In recent years, the world community has been concerned by a large-scale epidemic ...


About the accident with R-44-II RA-07385 helicopter

On 15.01.2020,  2 km to the north-east of Novosinkovo settlement, Moscow Region (RF), the accident involving the R-44-II RA-07385 helicopter, owned by StroiBiznes LLC, occurred.


About the accident with A-321-231 VQ-BRS aircraft

On 10.01.2020 in Antalya Airport, Turkey, the accident involving A-321-231 VQ-BRS aircraft owned by Northwind Ltd occurred.


About IAC participation in the Government investigation Commission of the fatal accident with Fokker-100 aircraft operated by «Bek Air» Airlines

In accordance with the Interstate Agreement on Civil Aviation and Use of Airspace, the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) takes an active part in the Government investigation Commission (hereinafter - Commission) of the fatal accident with Fokker-100 ...